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How B2B in eCommerce Benefits From Magento 2

B2B in eCommerce on Magento 2
Magento 1 is already a powerful eCommerce platform that can handle many of the intricate processes necessary for Magento B2B online stores. However, Magento 2, the second major version of the platform, is even more suitable for building and maintaining a B2B eCommerce website. Upgrading your Magento 1 store is the best course of action for those seeking benefits for B2B. If you are interested in upgrading or want to explore the possibility, reach out to Forix’s Magento managed support team, and learn how to get started.


Robust Search Options

Like any other eCommerce website, customers need to be able to find the products they need before they can complete a purchase. B2B buyers expect search options to help them quickly locate items and add them to their cart. When you can integrate features like auto correct, result images, and search synonyms, you’re on the way to doing just that. Magento 2’s search options enable you to take advantage of these search functions and more. Hear about search options in-depth from an expert on our Magento ongoing support team.


Optimization for Mobile

B2B purchases no longer take place just with an employee sitting in an office and working from a desktop computer. Many people do more work from their phones, completing tasks from wherever they may be – and ordering products is one of those tasks. You can expect your customers to access your eCommerce site from their phones, just as they expect your website to be ready to meet their mobile needs. Magento 2 solutions are more suitable for mobile than ever, allowing for easy to set up and use responsive and mobile exclusive website designs. Get the latest on optimizing for mobile from our Magento managed services team at Forix.


Intuitive Versions of Essential B2B Website Features

You Magento B2B online store needs to have the core components of adding to cart, quote options, looking at spec sheets, and inventory availability and pricing – as well as others. Magento 2 has more options than ever for you to add these components and others, ensuring that your customers can easily access all the features they expect.


Enhanced Data Security

As a B2B business, you handle even greater amounts of sensitive customer data in the process of providing service. As such, you must have the proper security protocols in place, both to meet PCI compliance standards and earn your customer’s trust. With Magento 2, you have access to numerous advantages, such as payment gateways and other methods of handling sensitive data securely. Unsure of what proper protocol entails? Chat with a Magento managed support expert at Forix to ensure you know everything you need to be aware of.


Credit Limits

Many B2B buyers want to make purchases on credit and pay their balance later. As the merchant, you want to have control over customer’s credit limits. Magento 2 allows you to not just enable payments on credit, but to also control credit limits per customer as you build your relationships with them.


Ready to Grow With Your Business

Most eCommerce business owners aim to grow their businesses – and sometimes a lucrative deal can change customer demands almost overnight. Magento 2’s advanced scalability allows you to know that your website will always be ready to grow as you do, keeping your Magento B2B online store competitive and ready to go. Forix specializes in helping Magento B2B businesses grow, connect with one of our Magento ongoing support team members to learn how to get started.

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