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How Much Does a Magento Website Cost?

Magento website cost
With its robust features and vast customization abilities, Magento has become one of the most popular platforms in the eCommerce industry. Oftentimes, the primary concern revolves around the price and overall cost of a Magento project. Refer to the following insights to help you get a better idea of the Magento’s prices and costs.


There are many factors that can influence the cost of a Magento website. One of the central price determinants is business size. In accordance with your business needs, you can select one of the three website options: basic Magento, the Community edition, or the Enterprise edition.


Here are the cost estimates of each of these options.


Basic Magento Website Cost


If you want to create a generic Magento website with limited potential for customization, then the basic Magento might be the best option for you. Independent business owners and small businesses tend to gravitate toward basic Magento, because it can be set up in a comparatively swift manner. The cost for a basic Magento website begins at around $20,000. However, the cost may rise to $40,000, depending on the specifics. Since this is the price of a basic Magento website, you will be restricted to the features below.

  • Basic Magento functions


  • Uncomplicated themes and design layouts


  • A uniform content management system


  • Ability to use the Magento community website


  • No synthesis with back-office processes


Custom Magento Website Cost


If you are established retailer or trying to migrate or upgrade to Magento from a different e-commerce solution, you’ll most likely want to get a Magento custom website. The cost of a customized Magento website can vary from $40,000 to $100,000. With that price, you’ll gain a few extra advantages in addition to those listed above, such as:

  • Customized Magento design themes and layouts


  • Synthesis with back office operations


  • Customized customer grouping features


  • Customized product attributes and categorization features


  • Hosting migrations


  • Access to extensions and integrations


Magento Enterprise Website Cost


The Magento Enterprise edition is ideal for big enterprises that want access to the complete extent of Magento’s capabilities. Migrating to Magento Enterprise will cost a minimum of $100,000. There are numerous advantages of the Magento Enterprise features, as it comes fully stocked with comprehensive tools and the ability to effectively manage all areas of your e-commerce sales, from order to fulfillment. A


few of the many perks that come with the price of a Magento Enterprise website include:

  • Mobile-friendly/responsive design


  • SEO optimization


  • Magento hosting


  • Social network integration


  • Platform training and customer support


  • User segmentation abilities


The team at Forix is well versed in all realms of the Magento platform and can ensure you access the full scope of the software’s capabilities. Connect with the Magento development experts and get Magento managed support today.



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