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How Much Does it Cost to Host a Magento Website?

Host a Magento website
While Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition includes hosting and costs approximately $2,000 per year, there are additional hosting options for those with the Magento Community edition and the standard Magento Enterprise edition. When it comes to determining the cost of Magento website hosting, the price will depend heavily on the size of your site and the volume of traffic it gets on a regular basis. Look what to consider when determining your hosting needs.


Website Traffic


Identifying how many inquiries your server gets during standard and peak times is the one of most important aspects to consider when determining your hosting needs.


Number of Products


The number of products, pages, and configuration options is the next factor to examine when considering what type of Magento hosting server you will need. If you have a small number of products with fewer configurations, you won’t need as much hosting power as a business with numerous products and product categories.


Managed Hosting


A solid managed Magento hosting server will be able to provide upkeep and configuration services that cater to the specifics of the Magento platform. The cost of Magento managed providers varies, depending on the server you select and the following features:


  • Maintenance and configuration of server performance optimized for Magento
  • Fixing server and Magento related issues
  • Adopting performance and security updates


Dedicated Hosting Server


If you opt to get a dedicated hosting server, the whole extent of the server will be open for utilization and will offer high-level performance. At the same time, the price will be substantially higher than other hosting options. The typical price of dedicated Magento hosting will cost you $100+ per month at the very least. If your budget permits, you can opt for a dedicated server and access the following features:


  • High speed
  • Traffic peak support
  • Ability to manage an extensive catalog of products.
  • Optimization, upkeep, and configuration for Magento platform
  • Security specialized to Magento
  • 24/7 monitoring


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