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How the Quality of Your Landing Pages Affects CRO

Landing Pages Affect CRO
The entirety of your website plays a critical role in conversion rate optimization. After all, if your site runs slow, is hard to navigate, or doesn’t make it easy to complete a purchase, customers don’t want to bother with your store. They’ll find somewhere else where they can get what they want – and that’s a missed conversion for your e-commerce store.

While you can find CRO reasons to enhance any element of your website, landing pages are where customers most often enter your site. When these pages don’t make the right impression, you lose out on opportunities to convert those visitors into paying customers. This post we’re going to look at ways to make your landing pages do the most work in bringing you conversions.


Match Your Landing Pages to the Incoming Traffic

Sometimes, you don’t have low conversion rates from your landing pages because of poor design. Instead, you can encounter problems when your CRO strategy doesn’t match the type of advertising that’s bringing visitors to you. This means you want to consider the impact of your marketing strategies on the expectations they set for those who click through to your site.

When you match those expectations, you’re putting yourself into a prime position for conversions. After all, people who clicked on your ad were pulled in by the prospect of your services. On the contrary, when the expectations and your landing page diverge from each other, the chances of short sessions and high bounce rates increases.


Effectively Display Your CTA

You want your landing pages to make it easier to complete conversions, so customers should know exactly what that conversion process is when they make it to your site. E-commerce sites are most concerned with sales, so landing pages should clearly direct your customers to the next step: making a purchase.

Your CTA should be above the fold so that no scrolling is necessary to view it. Buttons are much more effective than hypertext links, and button colors that contrast with the rest of the landing page are even better. You should also make the button easy to click without it obstructing the rest of the page. Having only one CTA per landing page is also key to eliminating confusion for visitors.


Use Simpler Lead-Capture Forms

If your landing page is less about making a sale and more about collecting user information (gathering contact information for exclusive discount offers or your mailing list, for instance), you want to have the simplest possible form. Signups that take too much information to complete scare off customers who don’t want to spend too much time on becoming part of a mailing list. Limiting your forms to the essential information will increase conversions.


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