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How to Drive Traffic to My Magento Site

Drive Traffic to Magento website
Before you focus on a revenue increase, improving services conversion rates, or any other aspect of ecommerce business, you need to have a strong flow of traffic to your Magento site. The quality of your site holds no relevance if you cannot get people to visit it in the first place. With the help of Magento managed services, website maintenance, a conversion audit, and ongoing support, you can increase the traffic you drive to your site with a few different strategies.


Post Great Content


Though it may seem like the most obvious conversion strategy, even top developers and agencies sometimes forget the importance of fantastic content. Post articles, blog posts, videos, product descriptions, and other forms of content that are intriguing and interesting for viewers. If someone sees your content on your Magento site and enjoys it, they are more likely to visit your website and explore the other things that you offer.


Use Social Media


Social media is paramount for online sales. 93% of consumers use some form of social media to make purchasing decisions. Increase traffic, conversion rates, and revenue by creating a social media presence for your business. Conversion growth starts by identifying trending keywords and optimizing them into your posts so they will appear in searches.


Along with posting your own content, share intriguing, informational content from other sources. Many consumers will lose interest if you are solely posting sales pitches about why your business or B2B is the ideal choice. Take a break from the sales and share an article or blog that is relevant to your field and that your target audience would find interesting.


Share reviews and feedback on social media. 90% of consumers say they trust opinions and recommendations from fellow consumers. Use it to your advantage and let your customers promote your business.


Many businesses forget about the significance of Reddit. However, Reddit hosts a massive number of internet users. Find niche subreddits and make brief, appealing posts.


Use Great Headlines


Though the content itself is more important, the headline is often what determines whether a consumer will stop and read the information. Use intriguing titles on your blog posts and articles that will lead people to read your content. Even if the blog post is incredible, fewer people will read it if the title is boring or unappealing.


Use Keywords for SEO


One of the most reliable ways to increase traffic to your Magento website is to optimize for search engines. Determine a collection of keywords that represent your brand and have little competition, so you can be at the top of the search results. Use the keywords as frequently as possible without taking away from the content. If your website appears at the top of search results, your traffic will significantly increase. Use Magento ongoing support to ensure you are continuing to optimize your webpages for search engines.


Use Email Marketing


If used correctly, email marketing can be a great part of a growth program to drive people to your Magento website. Identify a target audience and send emails about new products, services, or other updates that are relevant to the consumer. Magento managed support can help you set up a simple and effective email marketing strategy for your website.


Cultivate a Community


Consumers like to feel significant to a business. Too many companies group users together and neglect to make them feel important. A great way to increase traffic is to have a forum or conversation board on your website where people can interact. Use Magento managed services to build a sense of community so your website is more personal and engaging to a wide variety of people.


Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to stay in the same rut as your competitors. Increase traffic and boost conversions with help from our team. Contact the experts at Forix for more information, advice, and technical support about how to increase the traffic to your Magento website.



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