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How to Identify (And Resolve) Low Sales Performance

Low website sales performance doesn’t necessarily mean people don’t like your company, product, or services. It could have more to do with the design or performance of your site. Even the smallest issues, such as failing to include the right keyword on your landing page, could have an astronomical impact on website visibility and your bottom line. Before you can solve the issue, you must notice you have one in the first place. Use the following factors as red flags that you have low sales performance – and that you need to make a change:


Abandoned Shopping Carts


One or two abandoned carts might not signify a deeper issue, but cart abandonment on a larger or more regular scale could be a sign of low site performance. Your rate of order loss could be significant if many customers are leaving items in their carts. If your e-commerce store faces the serious problem of high cart abandonment rate, the sources could be your sales copy, call-to-action, unexpected shipping costs, not enough payment options, or lack of security. Constantly review and improve your checkout process to help reduce abandonment rates. Consider a method such as retargeting for cart revival.


High Bounce Rates


A high rate of website traffic won’t necessarily matter if you have correspondingly high bounce rates. Your conversion rate average will suffer if people aren’t staying on your website long enough to close a sale. Find out what page on your website is getting the highest bounce rate. Then, examine what could be wrong with the page. Look at load speed, content and keyword usage, your CTA, navigation options, and other website design elements. Make changes and see if they lower your bounce rate. If you’re still losing revenue, contact a professional.


Low Conversion Rates


The number of users you convert into paying customers will determine your bottom line. If you aren’t seeing the numbers you expected, the sources of the problem could be anything from lack of search engine optimization (SEO) to targeting the wrong audience. Check that you’ve optimized your site for search engines, prioritized mobile users, uploaded high-quality images (optimized to load quickly), and created persuasive and powerful copy.


Not Enough Transactions


Low revenue and low transactions are two of the more obvious signs of low sales performance. If your revenue calculations are falling far short of your expectations, your eCommerce site may not be performing as it should. You could be losing customers with a poor search engine page ranking, or somewhere during the checkout process. Scheduling an audit with a professional development company could help you understand the underlying cause of your revenue issue.


Get in touch with an eCommerce expert at Forix to identify areas you could strengthen your sales performance.



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