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How to Improve My Conversion Rate with my Magento Site

Improve CRO with Magento
Online sales and the ecommerce sphere of business are becoming increasingly important. Many consumers would prefer to shop online than go to physical locations, especially in B2B transactions. However, having steady traffic on your ecommerce website is not enough. To see real revenue increase, you need to develop a growth program to turn website visitors into customers. Magento managed services provide top agency technical support, website maintenance, data-driven redesign, and a variety of tools that can help your ecommerce website with conversion growth. Try these strategies to improve the services conversion rate on your Magento site.


Simplify the Checkout Process


Even if a visitor is extremely interested in a product, they could be turned off by an extensive checkout process. Magento software comes with a preset six checkout steps. For some potential customers, it is too lengthy of a process. Magento offers checkout extensions that can speed up the process called OneStepCheckout and MageWorld’s One Step Checkout. The increased convenience is likely to boost revenue and improve your online sales.


Clean Up Your Website


A common mistake that even top developers and top agencies make with Magento websites is to make them too complicated. Though artistic design can be a great way to make your website unique, a complex or convoluted structure will drive away customers. Keep your website design and overall conversion strategy simple. A conversion audit from Magento can help you focus on areas that need the most redesign. Visitors should be able to easily navigate between the steps of the purchasing process. For example, make sure the shopping cart is in an obvious location. To improve your conversion rate, you must make it as easy as possible for visitors to make purchases.


Along with simplifying the design, you must proofread all the content on your Magento site. If visitors find grammatical or spelling errors all over your site, it will lose credibility and they will be significantly less likely to trust you. Consumers do not want to give money to businesses or organizations that seem disorganized or unintelligent. Fix small mistakes and your conversion rate will improve.


Do some research about areas of your website where people are most frequently leaving. Consider conducting a data-driven redesign if there are a few clear spots where bounce rates are especially high. Once you identify the weaker areas of your website, Magento managed services can help you resolve the issues.


Focus on Safety and Security


Online security is a concern all across the internet. It is especially worrisome, however, on websites where people are entering personal financial information. Magento ongoing support helps monitor the status of your website, but you must also keep an eye on the security. Display a notification during the purchasing process that guarantees a customer’s information is safe. It will make them feel more confident spending money on your website and give you more credibility. Consider investing in a secured socket layer (SSL) as a security measure.


Cater to Your Target Audience


No matter what types of products you focus on, it is important to understand what group you are appealing to. Cater your website to your target market. For example, if your audience is a younger group with more technical knowledge, you can have some fancier features. If you are focusing on an older audience, you will want to keep your website simple and easy to navigate. Magento managed support can help ensure your website appeals to your target market.


Encourage Feedback


One easy way to identify what is wrong with your Magento website is through customer feedback. Encourage visitors to post feedback and reviews explaining why they did or did not purchase products from your site. If someone posts criticism, it is a clear indication about what is causing your low conversion rates and what you need to fix.


Find out how we can optimize your Magento website and organically improve your conversion rate, increase revenue, and boost growth. Talk with the experts at Forix about ongoing Magento support.



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