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How to Integrate Payment Gateway in Magento

Magento payments are the most efficient tool designed for use during ecommerce transactions. Integrating this payment tool is easy as long as you follow the instructions. In this blog, you will find a specific list of instructions that are easy to follow and apply.

The four easy steps to integrate Magento Payments

To add a payment method, you must apply the following steps:

  1. Make configurations through the general payment method module options. For this, you need to specify your custom requirements. You should have the following dependencies:
    • Magento_Sales module: to get order details
    • Magento_Payment module: to be able to use the Magento payment provider gateway infrastructure
    • Magento_Checkout module: to add the payment method to checkout.
  2. Make configurations for payment method options You can access the config.xml file in your %Vendor_Module%/etc directory.  Thereafter, you must configure the options of your payment method by using the default options available for any payment method. Need to know more about these default options? Connect with our Magento Integration and payment expert.
  3. Make configurations on payment method process as per your business requirementYou can modify and update price rules, products or categories, and database records by implementing the Payment method facade and Payment info rendering in Admin checkout. For the payment method façade, you can add the dependency injection in your %Vendor_Module%/etc/di.xml.

    For the payment info rendering in Admin checkout, you must configure the payment method façade using the formblocktype argument. This block is typically used for displaying payment on the billing form in the Admin panel. This is where it gets too technical; however, it’s nothing Forix can’t handle, so reach out to us to handle this for you.
  4. Make configurations for payment actionsThis configuration involves adding a gateway command or action, in which you have to implement the following:
    • Create a request with payment details
    • Request payment processing by using response handler and response validator
    • Specify and configure the gateway command
    • Add the command to the commands pool

    After this payment action has been added, you can configure the command in the di.xml file of your module.

Our experts at Forix can do all of the above for you so you can focus on your business goals.


  1. How would I be able to decide the type of payment configuration my business needs?You should go over the process by which you are serving your customers and what helps make their journey easier.
  2. The process of configuring Magento payments seems too technical.It’s really not once you get into it, but if you need professional help, we’re just a call away. Contact 1 (800) 818 – 2361
  3. How do I decide whether I need Magento payments integrated for my website?If your audience prefers buying your products online then it’s highly likely that you need to integrate Magento payments.
  4. Do I need a Magento checkout module?The Magento checkout module is a dependency that is required only if you wish to use the checkout option on the storefront section.
  5. Is the customer data maintained through these payment integrations secure?Yes, the data maintained through Magento payment integrations are secure.


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