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How to Know if the Magento Integration Microsoft Dynamics ERP is Right for You

Magento Integration Microsoft Dynamics ERP Overview
All businesses are distinctive, so there is no one detail signifying the NetSuite ERP system is right for you and your enterprise. But businesses who receive the greatest benefit from ERP software are generally those overlooking the following operational obstacles and work conditions:


Different Department, Different Software


If several departments in your business use an assortment of separate systems to manage, track, and record information, this might be negatively impacting the productivity of your business.

For example, if your accounting department uses one system and your sales department uses another, the procedure of recording and completing consumer orders can be a lengthy and agonizing process.


In reality, when front and back end departments aren’t in sync, it can create disturbances and prevent your business’ operations from running smoothly. Inventory management employees are prone to inaccuracies when lacking up-to-date information from the sales department. Meanwhile, if the latest accounting information isn’t accessible, this has the potential to trigger a host of problems from payroll to budget planning.


With the help of Microsoft dynamics ERP, these departments become unified, so each operation depends on one database and interface, which contains all the information, breaks it up appropriately and makes it accessible to verified employees. In turn, staff can make the more informed and appropriate decisions and can dedicate their time to more productive activities.


IT Is Complicated


Another major problem involved with having several software systems in different departments of your business is IT handling, which becomes increasingly difficult. Registering, incorporating, and maintaining all this software with security upgrades all can be expensive and can eat away at essential time and resources.


Updates may also redirect any customizations ordered for system integration, which creates a never-ending cycle of re-doing customizations and re-integrating systems. Instead of adding more software, implementing a Microsoft dynamics ERP system can provide you with the flexibility to react to your business’ ever-changing needs. With ERP systems, new operations and abilities are simple to add as your business develops, and updates won’t be as strenuous on your IT system.


Customer Service Is Suffering


When companies expand, one of the biggest difficulties they encounter is inventory handling. Making sure the right number of items is in stock is one of the most important components of business management. But, when customer, sales, and inventory reports are held on separate systems, it can result in major complications for a business.


For example, if a favorite item is out of stock because inventory operations didn’t know it was running low, your sales will likely be down until the new stock gets in. And if customers call your customer service associates to ask where a package is, and the associates can’t access the order information or check on stock updates, this can easily decrease customer satisfaction and result in decreased sales.


One great aspect of a Microsoft ERP system lies in the fact it permits employees in all areas to have the same access to the latest information in real time, so they’ll always have the tools to provide customers with answers to their questions without having to pick up the phone and get the information from another area or location. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics ERP platforms give customers the option of going online to check their account, viewing tracking updates and order information for themselves. At the same time, an inventory associate or manager can monitor items and reorder accordingly, which will prevent products from going out of stock and keep your consumers happy.


Lack of Information


Without an ERP integration solution like Microsoft dynamics, it might take you a while to find information regarding your business’ performance metrics such as profit margins, sales to date, and sales per day. Businesses depending on separated systems typically rely on spreadsheets, which have to be manually updated on a regular basis. When the rate of a business is increasing at a high rate, employees will require instant access to imperative reports and data. Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution can give verified managers the opportunity to look at the extensive company data, while staff with limited privileges can simply obtain the information required to do their job more efficiently.


As an example, sales associates should have the tools necessary to look up a customer’s purchase history, so they have the opportunity to be proactive with their recommendations and provide a more personalized experience for the consumer.


The Microsoft Dynamics ERP system can regenerate your Magento market by strengthening all components, supporting improved consumer and client gratification and refined business operations. Get Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento Site today.



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