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How to Know if the Magento Integration NetSuite ERP is Right for You

Magento Integration NetSuite ERP
Each business is different, so there is no single indicator signifying the NetSuite ERP system is right for you. However, businesses who obtain the most advantages from ERP software are typically those facing the following problems and circumstances:


Lots of Software


Consider how your staff records, monitors, and processes important data and information. If different divisions of your company utilize completely different systems to track and record inventory, receivables, payables, sales orders, shipments, and other imperative data, the method of acquiring and filling orders might be needlessly time-consuming.


Though they are meant to make a business run smoother, front and back-end systems that run independently from one another can cause certain work and production flow processes to malfunction. Depending on the sensitivity and severity of the information in question, issues with division communication and information accuracy have the potential to damage a business’ productivity. For example, without the crucial product and sales data, inventory administration might struggle, and not getting the most up-to-date data from the accounting department can have a serious impact on almost every component of a company.


NetSuite’s ERP software consolidates these divisions, so each operation depends on one singular database, which includes fully-detailed real-time data. By uniting all areas into one reference and breaking information up accordingly, this system can help employees make the right decisions at a quicker rate, which lets them focus on pursuing more valuable tasks and activities.


Sales are Insufficient


Inventory administration can be difficult for a developing company to manage, but doing so is an essential part of allowing your business to flourish. If sales, inventory, and customer information are managed individually, managers can easily formulate tasks within a business’s workflow. If a popular item is not restocked according and becomes unavailable, it is likely sales will suffer until the product is back in stock. If a customer requests information about a shipment but an employee does not have access to the tracking information, the consumer may be inclined to think poorly of your business’ service.


A NetSuite ERP system gives staff in each division the same access to information in real-time, so customer service staff can answer any inquiries about shipping status, payment problems, and other claims, without having to call another department for the information. At the same time, members of your warehouse staff can see if a product is low and can reorder before it goes out of stock.


With an ERP system, on the other hand, staff in every department will have access to the same, up-to-the-minute information. Customer-facing reps should be able to answer customers’ questions about order and shipping status, payment status, service issues, etc., without having to hang up the phone and check with another department. Better yet, customers should be able to simply go online to their account and view status information. Meanwhile, the warehouse manager can see that stock is getting low and can reorder.


Accounting Difficulties


If your accounting staff depends on paper-sourced invoices and sales data, it’s likely they have to devote several hours each week to simply entering this information into their accounting systems, so you should examine how much time is being spent on tasks that NetSuite’s ERP system can easily fulfill within a matter of seconds.


If your staff also spends a large amount of time combining or arranging financial data across various platforms and spreadsheets, it is likely they are spending a huge chunk of time simply doing financial reporting. NetSuite’s ERP solution consolidates all financials in a singular platform, so your accounting employees won’t have to spend their time entering, reconfiguring, and consolidating data. Instead, they can work on pursuing essential financial reports without having to be limited by reduced access to data and information.


The NetSuite ERP system can modernize your Magento store by consolidating all divisions, allowing for enhanced customer satisfaction and improved productivity levels. Get NetSuite ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento Site today.



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