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How to Know If the Magento Integration Sage ERP Is Right for You

Magento Integration Sage ERP
Even though all businesses are individualized and unique, there are several key indicators suggesting a company might need to upgrade to a united interface and database system. While there is no specific measure to define an organization’s need for a Sage ERP solution, those businesses that benefit most from the centralization and consolidation are the ones who are facing the following work flow challenges.


Difficulties Gathering Necessary Data


If a peer or colleague asked about your sales margin or another type of business metrics, would it take you a long time to get that information? It may if you lack a consolidated system to incorporate and synchronize all data. Companies depending on separate systems typically use spreadsheets to make manual updates to important company information, which makes the data harder to obtain when you need it the most.


There are bound to be many circumstances where the speed of business increases dramatically, and its times like those when your employees need to have immediate asses to crucial information to make the right decisions for work flow and productively levels.


A Sage ERP solution permits executive members to obtain a comprehensive overview of company history and information at any time and allows general staff to have access to the information they need to do their job properly. As an example, a customer sales associate should have the capacity to pull up a customer’s shipment order and tracking details to give him or her the information they requested and to meet the customer’s needs.



Accounting Processes Are Time Consuming


A major sign of a company requiring an integrated software solution is often seen first in an accounting department. When your accounting associates depend on manually documented invoices and reports made on paper, they are probably spending several hours of work time to enter this information into different software databases each week. Think about how much of their work time is being thrown away on simple tasks like data input, which a Sage ERP solution can have finished within seconds.


A related sign can be applied to financial reporting, when it takes far too long to consolidate financial documents stored in a number of spreadsheets, a Sage ERP solution may be an excellent way of ensuring employees spend their time in a more useful manner. When all financial information is consolidated within a single platform, your accounting personnel won’t need to spend large portions of their work time dedicated to inputting information and can instead use this time to create financial reports to enhance the financial information and overall productivity of you and your business.



Large Amounts of Software


If your company uses several different software systems to manage the information of different divisions, a Sage ERP solution system can improve communications between departments and enhance your employee’s access to information. With the use of a single database for all information, Sage ERP presents businesses with the opportunity to view critical updates in real-time, making the staff well-informed and up to date at every moment.


The Sage ERP solution can recreate your Magento store by providing a proper means of consolidation, strengthening all divisions of production. Get the Sage ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento site today.



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