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How to Know If the Magento Integration SAP ERP Is Right for You

Magento Integration SAP ERP
Each business is unique, and there is no single way to determine whether the Celerant ERP system is suitable for your business’ needs. However, companies most helped by implementing ERP software are those confronting the following types of work-flow disruptions and operational difficulties:


Too Much Software


Reflect on the methods your staff uses to record, oversee, and process essential forms and reports. If departments of your company employ entirely disparate databases and methods when trying to follow and document inventory, accounting, sales orders, and other important information, the process of obtaining and supplying sequences of orders is likely to be repetitive and time-absorbing.


While having separate front and back-end systems is assumed to make a company run more effectively overall, the reality is when these systems are completely disconnected, it can result in major production flow concerns. Issues with the transmission of accurate and up-to-date data across departments can negatively affect a business’s productivity levels, causing decreased sales due to incorrect inventory assessment.


As an example, without access to the latest information from sales about the merchandise and purchases details, inventory associates will have a difficult time ordering the right product quantities, and not having access to financial reports and data from the accounting department can cause serious damages to nearly every aspect of a business.


Celerant’s ERP database streamlines each department, so all performances rely on a single system offering enhanced visibility with real-time data. By joining all operations within one point of referral and facilitating the proper dispersion of the information as necessary, this system can give employees the opportunity to make better judgments at a faster pace, which permits them time to concentrate on more significant responsibilities.


Sales and Customer Service Are Suffering


Keeping track of inventory administration can be a challenge for any company. Taking time to strengthen inventory accounting methods is a necessary part of ensuring long-term business success. When sales, inventory, and consumer data are handled separately, it can result in serious stocking failures. If a high-demand product is not ordered and restocked in accordance with consumer demand, a business will lose sales until the product is restocked.


If a consumer calls with a question about a product delivery made recently and the customer service associate does not have the ability to pull up the tracking data for their package, the customer will probably form a negative opinion about your company’s quality of service.


A comprehensive Celerant ERP solution presents employees in all departments the equivalent connection to real-time data, so customer service staff can easily pull up information to answer inquiries regarding shipping, tracking, payment issues, quality concerns, and all other customer queries, without having to waste time getting on the phone with a separate department. Both inventory management and warehouse employees can have access to information about stock levels and can make the decision to reorder before a popular item becomes unavailable.


The Celerant ERP database can revive your Magento store by merging all segments, supporting improved customer happiness and advancing overall functionality. Get Celerant ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento site today.


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