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How to Know if the Magento Integration SYSPRO ERP Is Right for You

Magento Integration SYSPRO ERP
Even though each business is an individual entity, there are a few clues that a business might want to consider upgrading to a consolidated business management system. The businesses that benefit most from the transition to an integrated system are usually those with the following issues:


Limited Access to Crucial Information


If an associate asked about the metrics of your business, such as sales margins, how long would it take for you to get this information? If your business does not have an integrated system to synthesize data for easy access, it is likely to take a while for even the highest executive to answer simple questions about their business’ status. Companies facing this issue typically use spreadsheets and make manual data updates across various systems, which makes it all the more difficult for staff to get this information when they need it. An SYSCO ERP solution allows executives to obtain a broad overview of business data and archives, while specialized staff within different departments will be able to obtain information to do their jobs to the best of their ability.



A Large Variety of Software


Investigate the methods your staff utilizes to process and file data and important company information across all departments of your company. If your employees are still depending on multiple software platforms in different areas of your business, they might be dedicating too much time and resources to data entry tasks, which an SYSCO ERP system could handle in a matter of minutes.


In addition to being a waste of time and resources, unconsolidated front and back-end systems can result in major errors for a company and damage production levels overall. For example, the inability for sales to communicate with inventory control personnel can hinder the capacity of a company to reduce waste and efficiently manage their resources. If your inventory associates lack the proper data from the sales department, they are unlikely to have the ability to correctly determine what to order and what not to order, which can easily cause items to go out of stock or be overstocked.


These kinds of communication misfortunes can cause merchandise excess or shortages, which will negatively affect profits and the accurate allocation of resources. In an even worse scenario, if accounting employees cannot communicate and disperse the information in various reports across different divisions, this lack of information can wreak havoc on virtually all sections of a business’ operations, resulting in losses for the company overall.


But if your business uses the integrated SYSCO ERP platform, your corporation won’t have to confront any of these problems, as all departmental database systems will be integrated into one system. With the consolidation of interconnected business divisions, all areas of a company will have access to the data necessary to make better decisions and assure company resources are not going to waste.


The SYSCO ERP solution can invigorate and stimulate your Magento store by optimizing each section, nurturing purchaser satisfaction and strengthening all company services. Get the SYSCO ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento site today.



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