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How To Optimize Conversions For Your Magento Store In 10 Easy Steps

With our ecommerce conversion optimization services, we were able to improve the customer’s experience on our client’s website. So, we gained some interesting tips and insights that can help you too.

Optimizing conversion rates for your Magento store

Your conversion rate is one of the most reliable ways to see if your optimization practices bring out the results intended. So, here’s what you need to accelerate conversion rates.

  1. Reduce the loading time
    People hate to wait! So, ensure that your e-commerce page takes less than five seconds to load. Reduce your image sizes, clean up any unwanted code in the backend, and use high-quality extensions.
  1. Simplifying the user navigation process
    A strong navigation feature ensures that accessibility is smooth and the process works without bugs.
  1. Improve sorting and filtering options
    In case there are too many products, provide your customers with the option of easy filtering through color, size, gender, budget, etc.
  1. Visibly display security icons and trust marks
    It is essential to reassure them with key security measures and reliability. You must display security icons and industry trust marks on your website.
  1. Offer easy payment options
    Mobile transactions need to happen quickly so you can receive maximum conversions. Use payment options like PayPal, Amazon, and so on.
  1. Signify the abandoned cart and email your customers
    This is an easy way to get your customers to commit. This process is for those users who have an abandoned cart and the transaction has not gone through.
  1. Show related products
    You can also buy products similar to what the customer intends to buy. This may be an important aspect, helping the customer to discover new and useful items that they can add to their cart.
  1. Add an FAQ page
    This is a great way to share more information with the shopper, regarding delivery, returns, ethics, materials, etc.
  1. Add modes of communication
    Use a wide range of communication methods to help your customers reach out to you easily. You can use SMS, instant messaging, email, social media, and so on.
  1. Test, optimize and iterate your website
    It is advisable to always review your click-through and conversion rates in terms of quality. Check the user behavior to collect user data and use them for future marketing purposes.

Need a professional Magento expert to help you? Use our ecommerce conversion optimization services.


  1. Can you check if my e-commerce website is optimized?
    Yes, we perform user testing and targeted A/B tests to analyze the impact your website has on individuals.
  1. What do you do after analyzing the website’s conversion rate?
    We formulate a strategy to improve the leads, conversions and time spent on the website.
  1. How long does it take to optimize a Magento ecommerce website?
    This depends on the checkpoints and errors that need fixing
  1. How much do you charge for optimizing one website?
    We provide customized pricing plans through our e-commerce conversion optimization services.
  1. I have too many products listed on my website. Is it possible to optimize?
    Let us have a look at your website to find out how we can help you. Get in touch!


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