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How to Sell on Facebook & Why You Should


One of the latest trends in the realm of e-commerce is f-commerce, or selling on Facebook. Not only is f-commerce simple to implement with a variety of apps, integrations, and methods, but f-commerce also brings significant benefits to small businesses in particular.

Integrating Your E-Store With Facebook

To create your Facebook store, there are many different apps and integrations you can use, either to connect to an existing online store or to create a standalone store. Beetailer is an app that you can use with other e-commerce solutions such as Magento, Shopify, and Prestashop. For Magento users, another extension that makes integration simple is

Bigcommerce allows you to both build an online store and integrate it with Facebook. With Shoptab, you can create a tab on your Facebook page that acts either as a standalone store or connects to your online store. Finally, Soldsie allows you to sell directly through Facebook posts.

How Brands Are Selling on Facebook

Brands are selling on Facebook using a variety of methods. While Lady Gaga abruptly sends users from browsing in Facebook to an online store, Best Buy utilizes the social features of Facebook by prompting them to “Ask Friends” by sharing their products. 1-800-Flowers and Delta Airlines both allow customers to complete entire transactions on Facebook, creating a seamless experience.

How F-Commerce Helps Small Businesses

According to research on f-commerce, small businesses are more successful than large companies at selling on Facebook. While big brands such as the Gap and Nordstrom have closed their Facebook stores, companies that have less than 10 employees and make less than $100,000 in profits are performing well.

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