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How Using Images in Navigation Menu and Search Results Can Increase Conversion Rates

Images in Navigation Menu and Search Results Increases CRO
Images are a core component of e-commerce. After all, unlike a physical store, your customers can’t pick up an object and see what it looks like. High-quality photos are an essential component to making up for that difference in an online market by giving customers something tangible to consider when thinking about their purchases. Even for products buyers are familiar with, images are key to ensuring that they’re getting the right one to suit their needs.

An e-commerce business can’t get by without investing the time in providing high-quality images of their products. When applicable, photos should also be from as many angles as possible, simulating the way a customer would look at it in person. Fewer images mean fewer conversions, as does relying on low-quality photos.

However, your product information pages aren’t the only places where you can make use of images to help boost your conversion rates.


Search Results

Your search results are the equivalent to browsing through a physical store. When customers pick out the aisle they want to go in or the display they want to consider, they don’t rely on the labels lining the shelves to figure out what’s available. They look ay the products on the shelves, because it’s much easier to find what they’re looking for. Your search results should operate in the same way.

Out of the images you’ve prepared for your product information pages, set one to be the display image next to the listing in your online store’s search results. Your layout may vary, but the image should be clear enough to easily identify what the item looks like – too small images won’t be as effective. When you make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, the faster they can make it to the purchase phase and complete a conversion. With the help of Forix’s Magento managed services team, you can find opportunities to increase conversion rates in search results.


Search Menu

Your search menu should already make use of auto-complete features and search suggestions to, again, quickly get customers to the product they want with as little hassle as possible. Update your product suggestions so that they show an image as well.

Instead of needing to wait for another web page to load, a customer can pick out a product right from the search bar. Especially in the world of mobile online shopping, anything that makes the shopping process faster and smoother is a plus when it comes to encouraging conversions on your Magento website.


Magento Ongoing Support Services to Integrate Pictures Into Your Online Store

When you want to make the most of images in all stages of your Magento website, Forix’s Magento support services can get the job done. From building accessible photo sliders for product pages to putting images in your search suggestions, our Magento managed services team can help implement the best strategy to help boost your conversion rates through images.

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