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Hybris to Magento Migrations With Forix

Hybris to Magento Migrations With Forix
SAP Hybris is an eCommerce platform solution that offers many options for enterprise-level businesses. However, Magento can handle businesses of all sizes while providing a wide range of dynamic functions for your store. As a modernized system, Magento allows users to create the ultimate eCommerce store. If you’re planning on migrating from Hybris to Magento, the migration experts of Forix are ready to help.


Magento vs. Hybris


While Hybris has multiple useful features for eCommerce, you may find yourself missing out on a fully customizable shopping cart and adjustable payment gateway, process, and method settings. Count on Magento to have state of the art analytics reports for making informed business decisions and SEO features to get your store in front of more customers. You can also receive much more comprehensive support when working with Magento than Hybris.


Signs It’s Time to Migrate from Hybris to Magento


If you find yourself working in a decentralized system with your tools and business analytics coming from different platforms, then it’s time to migrate to a Magento website. Magento’s platform has numerous out-of-the-box features to help you operate your business from one dashboard. It’s also possible to integrate your store with other programs for streamlined customer experiences and back-end processes.


A slow website is another sign that you should migrate. Low page loading speeds drastically impact your customer experience and conversion rates – especially on mobile devices. Your store should always operate at high speeds, and Magento’s advanced technology and design allow for decreased loading times to enhance your user experience. Migrating to Magento 2 will allow for better overall site performance.


The Time and Cost of Migrating


At a minimum, you can expect your Magento migration to take between three and six months to fully complete. The more complex your store is, the longer this process can take. Especially when moving to a new platform, data requirements and new customization options can add to the total migration time. Working with an experienced migration team can help keep delays due to unexpected errors to a minimum.


Just like the time frame, the cost of migrating to Magento will depend on various elements. Your web team’s ability and experience will play a part in the final price. Before you start the migration, you should discuss your store goals and plans with a migration expert to get a better idea of what the total investment will be. Forix can assist you through this process.


After completing your store, best Magento developer Forix can continue to help through our ongoing managed support services. Whether you want additional updates to your website or need assistance with learning to take full advantage of your new platform, our Magento experts are ready to help you meet your business’s goals.


While a Magento migration can help you start to improve your eCommerce website, Forix’s ongoing managed services can help you go even further. Not only do we provide 24/7 support as you migrate, we can also provide tech support and update services after your store relaunch so that you can always provide your customers with the online shopping experience they deserve.


Still want to hear more about migrating from Hybris to the Magento platform? Feel free to reach out to an expert at Forix to learn more. Let Forix Handle Your Adobe AEM Deployment

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