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Hybris vs. BigCommerce Comparison

Hybris compared to BigCommerce
Finding the right eCommerce platform to suit the needs of your business is no easy task when there are so many options on the market. Hybris and BigCommerce are some of your big-name choices, but not all eCommerce solutions are equal in standing. Between the SAP-owned Hybris and wide-reaching BigCommerce, which should you choose for your online store?




Hybris is a strong platform, especially in two key areas: B2B and omnichannel commerce. If you need to have a platform that will work with the unique needs of B2B, allow you to make a seamless experience across all shopping platforms and is easy to set up, then Hybris can be a good pick. That ease of use will go a long way because Hybris has some delays in its (premium charged) support system, plus the content management cockpit isn’t the most effective, which can cause problems for your SEO strategy.




Much like Hybris, BigCommerce is easy to use, plus its built-in features are intuitive to work with, giving you plenty of features for your online store. If you run into an issue, BigCommerce gives you plenty of information on how to work with your site and become successful. Speed, security, and customer service are all in the plus column, while figuring out what your pricing will be when it comes to additional fees is a hassle. And while BigCommerce has plenty of built-in features, finding any extras for your specific needs can be a challenge.


Which One Is Best for You?


Hybris and BigCommerce come almost neck and neck when it comes to ease of use and setup, both with intuitive programs. Depending on how you look at it, though, BigCommerce has a multitude of options, which can make it hard to focus in the beginning stages of your store, while Hybris will allow you to zoom in on what’s necessary. Hybris is also a little more suited to B2B, but you can make an effective store for that type of business through BigCommerce, as well.


While both these services have some fees (Hybris’ customer support premium and BigCommerce’s multitude of transaction and related fees), it’s what happens with those fees that makes the biggest difference. Notably, we’re talking about the customer service realm. Despite charging you for support, Hybris has some slow reaction times when it comes to responding to issues, while BigCommerce has much better customer reviews in that category.


All in all, both these platforms are good choices for anyone who wants an eCommerce solution that doesn’t require a lot of complicated technical know-how to get started. However, when you start comparing price points, Hybris is a bit more suited for larger businesses that can afford the starting price, while those in the small business range will have much more affordability when it comes to BigCommerce (though you’ll still need to keep an eye on those additional fees). Discover the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager by talking to a Forix specialist.

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