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Hybris vs. OpenCart Comparison

Hybris compared to OpenCart
When establishing a website for your eCommerce activities, you’ll find no shortage of platforms to help you start. OpenCart, aside from providing built-in search engine optimization and powerful store management features, also comes with an extensive assortment of themes and extensions to enhance your store’s functionality. While Hybris presents a more focused solution for eCommerce, a closer look may help you determine if it’s not right for you. We break down these two platforms further below.




Hybris has plenty of tools that make it a great eCommerce solution for personalizing your online store to match the needs of your business. You have a lot of versatility in terms of dynamic customer profiling, segmentation, and customer attribution – all of which are great for understanding, targeting, and meeting your customers’ exact needs. On the down side, you’re looking at an expensive product in terms of the complete eCommerce solution. Its analysis and reporting tools aren’t the strongest, either, which can put some dents in your marketing plans.




OpenCart is an open-source platform that allows you to purchase and build your own module that is accessible in-market. Known for its user-friendly Admin Panel, OpenCart is easy to use and set up, and comes with customization features you can employ to tailor your homepage and engage with customers. The platform enables users to process orders, manage their inventories, and examine sales performances, and it supports several modules, including payment solutions and Google Analytics.


Which One Is Best for You?


Starting with where these solutions are similar, both give you a fully hosted eCommerce website ready to go. They also have straightforward design processes with minimal learning curves, so they’re easy to set up. However, OpenCart requires add-ons, and they can get expensive.


Pricing is an issue for both solutions, but for different reasons. For one, Hybris is one of the more expensive eCommerce solutions out there. On the other hand, OpenCart is free to use and overall much cheaper, but it still doesn’t quite give you a good enough bang for your buck out of the eCommerce package. If you don’t need the extensiveness of Hybris (or you can’t afford it), there are other eCommerce solutions that will still give you better value and serve you for a longer time than OpenCart will.


Even so, OpenCart can be the ideal solution for someone who has limited products, who needs a very basic site, and who doesn’t plan to see much change or long-term growth. Since the platform lacks easy integrations, it is most suited to address the needs of less-advanced shops. Still, you’re going to need to exercise a little bit of caution before you trust the simplified setup as the be-all-end-all to your eCommerce plans.


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