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What’s Image Optimization Got To Do With Enhancing Magento Website Speed?

All e-commerce Magento websites have one thing in common, product images. When you open a website on your phone that sells multiple ranges of products found under the sun, it’s a heavy website. Will it perform as fast as you want it to? When you try to click on the search bar to enter a product name, will the keyboard bar open up quickly on your mobile phone?

If your customers are losing patience with you, it’s time to give them a website that doesn’t waste their time. Forix offers you Magento speed optimization services, so you can enjoy an increase in revenue generation.

Images have a lot to do with Magento 2 performance optimization
Magento websites run efficiently based on the extent of Magento 2 performance optimization you’ve carried out. And images play a huge role in ensuring that your website doesn’t drag all the way to the checkout point. Let’s look at how you can optimize images on your website so you can increase customer loyalty.

Pixels are the unit that defines the size of an image, and this unit is a parameter to look out for! Pixels are determined by the height and width of an image. Focus on this parameter of the image if you want to improve Magento 2 performance optimization.

Maintain the same aspect ratio – 1:1 / 3:4 / 16:9
Many websites do not maintain this aspect ratio because they do not have an internal team who can do the work. For instance, Magento speed optimization services offer the feature of bringing down the size of extremely large images.

A product that is 1920 pixels high and 1080 pixels wide has an aspect ratio of 16:9. That said, the size of your website’s image product is limited by CSS, and let’s say that limitation amounts to 600×600. This means that the aspect ratio of your website’s image limitation is 1:1. From this, you understand that when you load a 16:9 product image, it will appear distorted on your page. As a result, customers will find the image troubling and will create a rather distorted impression of your brand.

Forix experts can resize these product images based on the actual aspect ratio maintained by your website. We’ll make sure that your product images do not hurt the eyes and brains of impatient customers.

Compress images without losing their quality
Compressing images no longer means that you will lose the quality of the image. Technology has advanced to ensure that this does not happen. You can use tools like OptiPNG, Mageplaza Image Optimizer, GIFsicle, or JPEG Tran.

Do Hulk-size your images
You should maintain your product image sizes on your Magento e-commerce website up to 1920px and 1200 wide. If you go higher, Magento will distort the image and you already know what that does.

Another way to make sure that you’ve done it right with Magento 2 performance optimization is by checking the Google Page Speed Insights. Simply run a page test through the tool and you’ll get recommendations. These recommendations include tips on how to improve your website’s performance.

Forix offers a range of services, from Magento 2 migration to Magento speed optimization services.

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