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Improve Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) with Magento Support Services

improve conversion rate optimization with magento support services
Magento support services from Forix are available to help you increase you conversion rate optimization (CRO). Best Magento agency Forix uses the latest technology and extensions, making it easy to get the customized experience you are looking for on your website. Here’s a quick look at some of the strategies used to increase your CRO.


Using Search Strategies


If a customer cannot find the product he or she is looking for on your site, the customer will most likely leave and look elsewhere. Providing advanced search options on your Magento website will reduce the time customers spend aimlessly wandering around and will encourage them to search for the product they want. Magento ongoing support from the Forix team can help put the search bar in a location that makes it easy to find, encouraging customers to interact with your site. When they find what they want, they will be happy, increasing your CRO.


Saved Checkout Information


When each customer arrives at your website, they will have the option to create a personal account. While in this account, they can save their credit card information, billing address, the preferred method of payment, and more. This creates ease of checkout for future purchases, making customers more likely to become repeat customers. They can even shop on the go, creating more opportunities for a sale. Offering this option is a great way to improve your CRO, and Magento managed services from best Magento agency Forix are there to make sure all the information stays safe.


Segmented Customer Information


Magento managed support can help you to create segmented information for different groups of customers. When customers sign into their accounts, they will get the pricing or the available items to their specific area or group. Sort your customers into different groups and ask everyone on your site to pick their group when they sign up for an account. For example, you could segment B2B companies that want to place wholesale orders and customers looking to purchase retail items. Each one would see the appropriate pricing upon login to your site, with only one single website needed, making it easier for you and for them.


Show Shipping Costs Up Front


Free shipping is always a bonus for your customers. It feels like bigger savings than it is, making more customers click the checkout button. If you aren’t offering free shipping, display your shipping rates on the first screen, letting your customers know exactly what is coming. One of the biggest reasons for abandoned carts is reaching the last screen and finding out there is a huge shipping fee that was not expected. By being up front, you will provide your customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision. Strive for success on your eCommerce store with Adobe Magento.

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