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Improve Your Conversion Rate Optimization With Magento

Improve Your CRO with Magento
With 750+ successful website launches, Forix is a top developer agency for Magento platform e-commerce companies. Why should your company use Magento? As one of the leading e-commerce platforms, Magento offers powerful support and services. Paired with a top developer and designer, your e-commerce website will stand out from the crowd and maximize conversion rate optimizations for your business.


What Is Magento?


Magento is a platform that has a family of services used to create e-commerce websites. It includes a variety of different support services such as cloud-saving, shipping tools and analytics information. Magento tools are useful for any B2B or B2C company, making it a powerful tool for your e-commerce website.


Making use of Magento means giving your e-commerce website access to instant checkout options, third-party integrations such as Amazon, and several customizable services to maximize your conversion rate. You will have access to managed order fulfillment support, delivery options, cloud-based e-commerce tools, and a variety of other choices depending on your needs and the needs of your website.


How Can Magento and Forix Increase Your Conversions?


As a top website developer, Forix has the experience needed to bring your customers through the marketing funnel and into long-term loyal shoppers. Our portfolio includes over 750 website launches, and several case studies demonstrating the power of an optimized Magento website created by a leading developer. At Forix, we value results – and our capabilities and work experience show that our approach gets the results that e-commerce sites like yours need.


Our team has over 60 Magento certifications, and we have experience in creating optimized web platforms that produce impressive results for B2B and B2C e-commerce companies. We will increase your conversion rate, maximize your ROI, and improve your website’s performance and flexibility with our design package. So how does an optimized website translate into real conversions?


Simplified E-Commerce


Magento is a versatile platform that pairs with many popular services for digital shopping. Magento gives you access to a variety of integrated tools and services that enhance your own flexibility, as well as increase user satisfaction and improve the user experience. Integrations with these tools means that your business has access to tools like:


  • Amazon Pay for checkouts
  • Klarna payment options
  • Vertex tax calculations
  • Magento shipping support


Developing your website with Magento means that your customers have access to these and other e-commerce tools that they have come to expect from online shopping. Customers expect convenience and ease of use, so it’s important that your website respond to this need and provide exactly what your customers hope to see. The most important factor in conversions is to meet – and exceed – customer expectations and offer the best user experience in the industry.


Powerful Analytics


Customer segmentation is fundamental to creating a successful marketing strategy. With Magento, you can create customized segments based on factors like age, gender, shopping cart contents, and past purchases. These managed analytics tools keep you in the loop with your customers’ behavior patterns and allow you to personalize your direct marketing campaigns to retain loyal customers and chase new prospects.


Magento offers Business Intelligence Pro in order to meet all of your marketing needs for e-commerce. This allows for a data-driven process of finding leads, chasing prospects and customizing your promotional campaigns in order to grow your brand.


Expanded Shipping Options


One powerful aspect of using Magento is that you gain access to Magento shipping support. This managed package allows you to rapidly access the different carriers and options available to connect to your customers. By comparing the different shipping rates, as well as making them easy to use and access for your customers at checkout, you save time for you and your customer. Since many e-commerce customers are interested in quick and easy services, failing to provide managed support for their checkout process will decrease retention.


Magento Managed Support for Security


Customers online expect their security to be managed by e-commerce developers. Defend your website with ongoing security support through secure tools like Amazon Pay, which is directly integrated into Magento. The services come complete with a variety of free and purchasable extensions to reduce your security maintenance needs, as well as protect you and your customers from fraud and malware. You do not need to be a professional developer to keep your website running smooth and safe, but you do need to put in the effort to produce powerful security support and maintenance. Magento – and Forix – make this easier.


Extensions and Developer Tools


Part of what makes Magento so powerful is that it is infinitely scalable. Partnering with a technical developer or design agency allows you to produce ongoing expansion for your website and brand. From technical support to expanded user experience, a skilled developer will enhance your e-commerce website further, meeting whatever needs you have and providing managed services for your continued growth.


Why Choose Forix as Your Developer?


Forix has a track record of success when it comes to designing e-commerce sites and providing ongoing technical maintenance. Our managed website services allow you to breathe easy and worry more about growing your company rather than handling backend web maintenance. With ongoing 24/7 support and continual updates as needed, we can enhance your website or build a new store from the ground up.


We can identify trouble areas for your store and provide Magento managed services to improve functionality. Maintenance concerns will be minimized, and we offer ongoing managed technical support to keep your site running smoothly.


Chat with a Magento expert from Forix to hear more about how to increase conversion rates on your Magento website


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