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Incorporating User-Generated Content to Enhance CRO

Incorporate User-Generated Content to Enhance CRO
When building your CRO strategy, there’s a lot of elements to work on yourself. From updating your checkout procedures to creating the optimal page layout, a lot of the tasks to boost your conversion rates requires work on your website. However, not all the advertisement for your products come from your own marketing strategy.

People are social creatures, and we rely on each other to learn about what products are worthwhile and which ones we can skip over. Recommendations from friends and family can steer us to check out different brands, and the majority of online shoppers consider online reviews before they choose a product or a service. The impression these sources give to your business influences how people will view your business.

The key is to bring positive reviews and customer experiences to your website and make them easily accessible to potential buyers. When you do so, you start to harness the power of user-generated content in your favor – and increase your conversion rates in the process. Try out these user-generated content types in your CRO strategy. Want to hear more about conversion rate optimization for your Magento website? Connect with an expert on Forix’s Magento ongoing support team.


Customer Experiences

No matter how well your advertising campaign extols the usefulness of your online store’s products, potential buyers will trust customer testimonials much more. Highlighting positive customer experiences through your website or social media is one way to increase conversions.

Find a way to show how customers use your product, then open the opportunity to let them submit to your site. Customers will often enjoy a way to have a little time in the spotlight, and you get to build enthusiasm for your products at the same time.


Branding Hashtags

Your user generated content doesn’t all have to appear on your website. In fact, you should take advantage of the places where your customers gather: social media. Some buyers may share their experience with your products across these channels, and you can further unify these experiences by creating your own hashtags.

Hashtags allow social media users an easily accessible way to see what others are saying about a topic. When you pick out a hashtag related to your products and encourage your customers to use it, you’re creating a channel to boost your brand – and you can create a feed on your website that shows off a post from these hashtags to make it simple for your potential buyers to find.



As mentioned, online customer reviews are a cornerstone for how others will view your business. Take advantage of this and display your best reviews directly on your website. Seeing that other customers feel satisfied with a product encourages the image that your brand is trustworthy and increases conversion rates in the process. To help generate this content, sending out post-purchase emails and offering special promotions for those that write reviews can be a great source of encouragement for customers.

Your customers play an essential role in the promotion of your brand throughout the internet. Don’t let these opportunities go to waste and with the help of Forix’s Magento managed support, start bringing user-generated content into your CRO strategy. Want to hear more about how to maximize your CRO strategy? Reach out to our Magento managed services team today.

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