Increase traffic for health and beauty website
Health and beauty businesses have conventionally fostered sales growth by giving consumers the chance to try out their products before committing to a purchase. However, continuous advances in technology have cultivated the emergence of buying health and beauty products online. To stay on the cutting edge of innovation in the health and beauty industry, companies must employ high-quality eCommerce solutions to create personalized shopping experiences for their consumers and foster the ongoing profitability of their online shops. As a result of this growing need, more and more health and beauty companies are leaning on the Magento business management platform to help them achieve success in the eCommerce marketplace. Magento is a high-level business management solution and provides health and beauty merchants with the ability to tailor their customer shopping experiences and consolidate their businesses operations to establish a more productive system.


How Can Magento Managed Support Improve Website Traffic for Health and Beauty Businesses?


Magento offers a great range of robust features with the capacity to meet the unique needs of health and beauty retailers, such as:


Mobile-Friendly Designs


Improve your market reach and attain the attention of more consumers with mobile optimization features that are built into the Magento platform. With Magento Ongoing Support from Top Magento Agency Forix, you can engage consumers by allowing them to make orders from all devices at any location using responsive design templates, which are equipped to deliver high-quality experiences on all devices.


Personalization Features


Health and beauty consumers have a many different needs, so companies must include personalization options made to address the demands of all consumers. Magento Managed Services with Best Magento Agency Forix can help companies improve their website’s shopping experience with personalization features such as merchandise highlights derived from a consumer’s browsing history, skin type, past purchases, demographics, and geographical location.


Magento Ongoing Support With Top Magento Developer Forix Success Story


Magento Website Maintenance with Top Magento Developer Forix has helped many health and beauty e-commerce retailers optimize the potential of their Magento platform and increase their website’s traffic. One of the prime examples of the benefits of Magento Technical Support from the Best Magento Developer Forix is Sexy Hair, which is a company defined by its thriving brand ambassadors and international salon partners.


Sexy Hair enlisted the assistance of Best Magento Developer Forix with the hope of creating a brand-bolstering e-commerce website with the ability to expand the company’s market each. After the changes implemented by the Magento Support Services and Website Maintenance team Sexy Hair experienced phenomenal traffic-boosting results: a whopping 37 percent increase in mobile conversions, a 12 percent increase in mobile ACO, and a 30 percent increase in the average time users spent browsing the company website and product lines. Adobe Experience Manager is a full-service solution for your business.