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Integrate Klevu with Magento

Integrate Klevu with magento
Klevu is a cloud-based search solution with the capacity to provide e-commerce businesses with immense insight into user experience to boost conversion rates and improve website performance. Klevu’s robust features involve self-learning abilities, a comprehensive reporting suite, product and category attribute tools, automated product catalog enhancements, and more.


A Klevu integration offers numerous tools designed to address the specific needs of sales and retail enterprises of all shapes and sizes. With a large range of capabilities, Klevu can help your e-commerce business boost customer satisfaction across all sales channels. Over 3,000 online stores and developers trust Klevu for their integration, a few of which include Osprey – London, Yamaha – MusicSoft, Jack Daniels, and Supercuts.


Some of the most advanced features of this search solution are:


  • Self-learning search abilities. Klevu learns how your customers are engaging with the search features on the store on a continuous basis. As it acquires more information, it expands on new knowledge and maximizes the results for the benefit of your business.


  • Automated catalogs. Klevu systematically adds relevant keywords and synonyms to improve search results and website traffic.


  • Autocomplete. Klevu’s automatic search query completion features offer helpful suggestions to provide a more convenient shopping experience for your customers.


  • Individualized search. This feature enables personalized search results based on the items a customer has engaged with previously.


  • Trending results. Klevu displays trending words from recently popular search inquiries to speed up the purchasing process.


If you are looking for innovative ways to boost the success of your e-commerce website, think about the perks you can receive from Klevu’s advanced search features. With the added benefits of error tolerance, personalized search, autocomplete, self-learning, filters, content search, synonym catalog, and category-guided search, your customers will be able to make purchases faster and easier than ever. Klevu’s advanced search tools can empower you to effortlessly improve your website’s conversion rate and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Learn How to Integrate Klevu With Magento


When you have the added advantage of Magento managed services from Forix, Klevu can be professionally integrated with your Magento website within a matter of minutes. Get in touch with the Magento experts at Forix to help you with your Klevu integration today.



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