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Integrating Flexible Payment Options Into Your B2B eCommerce Store

Flexible Payment Options in B2B eCommerce
B2B eCommerce customers want to complete their orders without a hassle and as quickly as possible. Part of that process is submitting payment for their purchase. While successful payments are important to you as a merchant, being able to complete a payment with no hassle is even more critical to your customers who want their business handled swiftly and securely. The integration experts on Forix’s Magento managed services team can smoothly integrate these payment options into your B2B eCommerce site, continue reading to learn more.

Providing multiple payment options makes it even easier for your buyers to find a payment method that fits their needs – an essential part of optimizing your only store for conversion rates. Magento and its available tools and extensions make it possible to give your buyers these choices. Forix’s Magento managed support services can make integrating them into your Magento B2B online store easier than ever.


Credit Card and Check/Money Order

By default, Magento 2 already has ways to set up check/money order and credit card payments that accept multiple card types. This straightforward process is often enough to meet many of your customers’ needs. It also benefits from Magento 2’s robust security options to ensure all card and customer information is safe. If you think your Magento B2B company could benefit from this, call and talk with one of our Magento ongoing support team members.


PayPal and Magento B2B

It may not be the first payment method that comes to mind for B2B transactions, but it’s an option your buyers may want to have. PayPal offers secure and quick payment transfers that can connect to your Magento store from an already existing account. PayPal itself also incorporates many different payment options, from cards to direct bank transfers. Magento allows you to offer PayPal as a payment option for your customers – without them ever leaving your site to complete the process. Sounds amazing right? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Forix’s Magento managed support team to start implementing this on your site today.


Pay on Credit

When handling B2B business, your customers aren’t one individual; they’re companies that have several people who contribute to purchasing from your site. The person who sets up an order may not be the person who approves it – or even pays for it. By offering pay on credit options, you can allow companies to set up a line of credit that puts in an order and completes payments once the appropriate employee is ready to handle it.

Magento 2’s pay on credit options allow you to customize credit limits across your buyers, establishing different payment terms from one simple dashboard. Your customers have flexible payment date options, and you can adjust as your relationships grow. Why not connect with a Magento managed services expert at Forix to start integrating these flexible payment options into your Magento B2B site?

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