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Integrating Media Into Your Online Store to Boost CRO

Integrate Media Into Your Online Store to Boost CRO
Media has become one of the major influencers of online content, even becoming an essential part of SEO. Website visitors don’t just want to deal with endless piles of text; they want photos and video to capture their attention. This is especially true when shopping online, because customers don’t get the chance to see a product in the same way they would when in a brick and mortar store.

To compensate for that, you should make use of media to help bring your products to life for your customers – and to help boost your conversion rates in the process. You can do so with the help of the Magento support services team at Forix.


Photos and Images

Photos and images are some of your most powerful tools. They can allow you to show off your products in detail and bring a human element to the sometimes-isolated nature of online shopping. Some strategies for images used by the Forix Magento managed support team in CRO are:

  • Using high-quality photos to display your products from multiple angles. Again, this is a core component of making your customers feel like they can see an item before purchasing it.
  • Incorporating images into your navigation bar and search results. Whenever you can help customers find what they’re looking for, you can decrease frustration and increase conversions in the process.
  • Avoid stock photos. Stock photos tend to look too perfect and drive off customers. If you do make use of stick photos, be very careful in your selection.
  • Add a human element to your website. With photos of people using and enjoying your products, you can convey emotion to your customers and help them visualize what it’s like to use your product.

Of course, photos aren’t your only media option.



Video marketing has become an incredibly powerful tool. It allows you to convey a lot of information in a short period of time – even 30 seconds of footage can encompass all the relevant text information on a web page, depending on the scope. Even if not all your customers don’t want your videos, many who do will feel encouraged to complete conversions. Some video CRO strategies include:

  • Product videos. Having a video in addition to your photos will further help the customer get a look at a product and, if applicable, see it in action. Even if you don’t have video on all your pages, targeting popular items is a strong place to start.
  • Landing pages. Videos on your landing pages can help instill a sense of trust in your brand, plus convey who you are in a more engaging format.
  • Emails. Incorporating videos in your email campaign can encourage click-through rates, which sets the stage for more conversions.
  • Customer testimonials. Potential buyers place a lot of stock in what others have to say when considering purchases. While you can incorporate testimonials into your site in many ways, video provides another medium for doing so.

While it may seem tempting to put your videos on auto-play, you end up taking the control away from the customer in the process. Display your videos in an easy to find location, but let the visitor decide whether they’ll watch it or not. Besides your own website, you also have the option to spread your video campaign through other venues, like YouTube and social media. To learn more about how to integrate online media into your Magento website, contact the Magento support services team at Forix today.

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