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Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Magento

Microsoft Dynamics offers a suite of solutions to boost sales and increase marketing effectiveness. The line involves the individual products AX, Great Plains (GP), NAV (formerly Navision), Solomon (SL), and 365. Integration with Magento websites allows businesses to customize solutions for a range of uses including manufacturing, warehousing and sales.


Benefits of Magento and Microsoft Dynamics Integration


Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Magento websites makes both solutions work together seamlessly for a user-friendly experience. When the two applications work in sync, employees don’t have to perform the same task twice in two separate systems.


Integration supplies the following benefits:

  • Maximized resources – Connect new e-commerce leads with ongoing marketing campaigns. Maximize your CRM investment and reach out to your entire customer base with targeted, focused ads.
  • Graphic representations of data – Access graphs and other data to compare sales and break down productivity and profit by location. Analyze what’s trending and where you can make improvements.
  • Optimized workloads – Update your product catalog automatically when Magento and Dynamics are synchronized. Push changes across product lists with one entry.
  • Simplified procedures – Avoid the errors and wasted manpower that come with duplicate data entry.




Integration Versions


Magento can be integrated for further utility into the following versions.

  • Dynamics Great Plains (GP) – Instantly update and sync all your information to improve efficiency and realize your full investment potential. Small and mid-sized organizations benefit from GP integration, but larger organizations also find it useful.
  • Dynamics AX – This solution works best for larger organizations and is especially useful in human resources, financial management and operations administration. It provides a multi-linguistic system that functions around the globe and adjusts for changing currency levels.
  • Dynamics 365 – Track business insights and connect data for keen intelligence. Develop and execute marketing plans to engage customers across multiple channels.
  • Dynamics Solomon (SL) – SL ERP systems provide control over financial, supply chain and other processes for small and mid-sized organizations


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