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Integrating Sage ERP with Magento

The more than 260,000 retailers worldwide currently using Magento know what a powerful platform it offers for e-commerce. It provides endless options for flexibility and customization on an open-source platform that saves retailers on site launch. Sage software has distinguished itself as the industry standard in accounting software, allowing financial departments to work faster and with greater accuracy. Integrating the two turns two formidable tools into one powerful solution.




We have experienced a variety of sage integrations, including:

  • Sage X3
  • Sage MAS 90
  • Sage MAS 200
  • Sage 100
  • Sage MAS 200 SQL 4.5
  • Sage 500


Integration saves your business time and money because it eliminates duplication. When the systems are separate, customer orders, accounting information, payment status and order fulfillment must be entered into two separate systems. Your organization pays employees to enter data in two places. Why? If there’s a mistake, someone has to fix it, and that costs money as well. When the two systems are integrated, many processes that had to be done manually become automatic. Relieve employee frustration, cut costs and serve customers better.


Integration scenarios involve automating sales order transfer from Magento to Sage, synchronizing customer data between the two solutions, seamless transfer of online payment details and more.


Here are the benefits of integration:

  • Improved data flow – When Magento and Sage are connected, data funnels from your website directly into your accounting software. View the information from your dashboard or send it to vendors and suppliers.
  • Enhanced visibility – When customers place an order, they immediately see shipping information. At the same time, fulfillment receives the order and accounting sees the payment without a single employee having to enter data.
  • Simplified updates – Inventory counts and product data updates automatically. Enter price changes and discounts in one location and the change is automatically reflected throughout the system. Order processing errors are virtually eliminated and fulfillment time improves dramatically.
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