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Invest in a Data-Driven Redesign for Your B2B Magento Website

invest in data-driven redesign for magento
As you develop a plan to rebuild your Magento B2B website in hopes of increasing your conversion rate, it’s imperative to assess the complete array of opportunities that are accessible. Although conducting user experience testing can be a very useful strategy, embracing an approach that focuses on a data-driven redesign for your site is more likely to generate the results you desire. Magento managed support from best Magento agency Forix can help you leverage the power of existing data to refine your Magento store and raise your conversion rate optimization (CRO).


Data-Driven Redesign to Improve Conversion Rate Optimization


Modifying your website with methods you aren’t certain will be useful does more damage to your CRO strategy than you think. In fact, implementing ill-informed website changes can easily push your customers away and result in a decline in conversions, which can be detrimental to your company’s reputation in addition to the profitability of your website. It’s best to refrain from pursuing changes that are instinctual rather than changes based on evidence.


Advancing your store’s conversion rate demands a decisive strategy with methods evidenced by data. When analyzed next to the effects of pursuing changes with information procured from user-experience trials, using the results of data-driven testing has shown to be over seven times more powerful for boosting conversion rates. If you have more questions about the comparison of data-driven decisions and UX testing decisions, give the experienced Magento managed support developers at best Magento agency Forix a call to discuss the topic further.


Including Data-Driven Redesign in Your CRO Tactics


Your data-driven CRO agenda from Magento ongoing support will center on all the quintessential ingredients of data-driven testing, such as:


  • Inspecting all existing data thoroughly before settling on a hypothesis to explore. Though you can start with A/B testing, don’t forget to test the impact of modifying variables.


  • After looking at the results of each test, it’s optimal to do follow-up exams to ensure the accuracy of all information. Rather than focusing on smaller modifications, opt to implement modifications you believe will have the largest influence. Though making smaller modifications can render some results, they often don’t yield enough to justify devoting the time and the effort.


  • When you’re done modifying the bigger aspects of your Magento website, you can move to tackle the smaller features.


  • Be sure you’re doing tests that are long enough to provide accurate results. While a short test might provide seemingly viable results, the information may not be statistically significant. Working with the Magento managed support team at best Magento agency Forix can help you determine what you should include in your testing and what you should leave out. This will allow you to get the most out of your time and effort.


Chat with a Magento certified expert at Forix to continue the discussion about data-driven redesign on your Magento B2B website. Get the most out of your Adobe Magento website with Forix.

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