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Invest in Magento Ongoing Support for Mobile eCommerce

Mobile devices have quickly become the primary method of accessing the internet for billions of users all over the world. Capitalizing on this market is crucial for your success as a business-to-consumer company; this means you need an eCommerce platform that displays beautifully on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes, and your customers should feel the same confidence shopping on your mobile site as they do on a desktop site.


How to Capitalize on the Mobile Market


Making the most of the mobile end of your eCommerce platform generally comes down to the responsiveness and speed of your web design. Modern customers won’t bother with a slow-loading, clunky mobile interface when so many other eCommerce businesses have streamlined, beautiful mobile sites that respond just as well as their desktop sites. Responsive design, or web design that responds to the device on which a user views it, is crucial in this regard, and Magento managed support from Forix can help you develop a functional and successful mobile eCommerce strategy.


Magento Tools for Mobile Success


There are various tools included with the Magento platform that can boost mobile eCommerce sales for your business. Magento ongoing support from Forix means you can make adjustments in real time and adapt to changing market conditions and user trends with ease. A few of the tools that empower you to do this in the Magento platform include:


  • The Magento Theme Switcher. This extension allows you to make your eCommerce platform switchable between different operating systems and devices so users can have fantastic experiences on all the different devices they use to visit your online store.
  • The Neddev Magento Theme. This option offers easy installation and an alternative to the standard Magento layouts. With more advanced customization options you can create the perfect site layout and design for multiple screen sizes and devices.
  • The ShopGate Tool. This extension helps with mobile website customization. ShopGate helps display your site beautifully on mobile devices and tablets, while also offering you the tools to develop your own native application complete with mobile coupons and push notification capability.


Whether you already have a mobile eCommerce platform in need of an upgrade or wish to add mobile functionality to your online store, Forix can help with Magento managed services. We help you throughout all phases of Magento implementation and adjustments necessary in the face of changing markets and consumer trends.


Give the Magento experts at Forix a call if you want to learn more about magento ongoing support for for mobile.



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