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IRCE 2018 Referral Commission Program


Forix is offering commissions for eligible leads that become Magento projects.

Just follow these easy steps below:

  • 1. Let Us Know
    Tell us about the company and how you know them.*
  • 2. Provide The Contact Info
    Provide us their contact information as well as yours. Please include names, phone numbers, & emails.
  • 3. Let’s Connect
    Let’s figure out an introduction plan. We’ll want to hear from you before we engage this lead.
  • 4. Get Paid
    Once we have an agreement executed and have received down payment, we’ll issue you a check for $5,000.**

    Conflicts of Interest

    *Forix does not support or condone unethical behavior. Avoid conflicts of interest, it’s important to use good sense when entering into this referral program. If you are the owner or an employee of the company being referred, you can opt to deduct this amount from the contract price. This deduction only applies to contracts regarding new website project builds with a value of $100,000 or more and does not pertain to any recurring or managed services offered by Forix.

    Terms and Conditions

    **Referral commission is a one-time fee issued to the referring party for each lead that results in a contract. There is no limit to the number leads a referral partner may submit. A successful engagement is that which is defined as a successfully executed agreement where the down payment has been received. In the event that Forix and the referred lead do not successfully engage in a project, no referral fee will be issued to the referring party. Employees of Magento or Forix are not eligible for this promotion.

    Forix is not responsible for taxes, medical, employment status, insurances, etc. The referral party is not a representative of Forix and may not speak on behalf of the company.

    Offer expires Deccember 31st, 2018

    Let’s Talk.

    Start with a conversation. From there, we can build a plan.

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