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Is the Magento Integration AS/400 ERP Right for You?

Magento Integration AS/400 ERP
Though all businesses are individual and dissimilar when their elements are thoroughly compared and contrasted, there are fundamental signs suggesting a business can benefit from a completely integrated interface and database platform. While there is no one method of determining whether an organization needs an AS/400 ERP solution, the companies who typically receive the most benefits from the centralization of information across departments are those who are met with the following problems:


Difficulties Getting Company Data


If someone asked about your sales margins or made an inquiry regarding another area of your business metrics, consider how long it would take you to be able to answer these types of questions accurately. Businesses with several departments employing separate software systems tend to use spreadsheets to perform manual updates to valuable company data, which can hinder access to information about your business.


Lack of access to information can be especially damaging during times when your company’s sales and work-flow accelerates, which means employees will need to have automatic access to important data, so they can keep up with the pace of production and keep critical processes moving at a steady pace.


Companies using an AS/400 ERP solution can get the information they need to do their jobs properly and easily adjust to any changes in the velocity of business. With the use of this software, managers and executives can get a large-scale view of company information and archives, while general employees have the ability to get what they need to carry out the duties of their position more efficiently.


As an example, with the AS/400 system, a customer service agent can pull up information regarding a specific consumer’s delivery to answer any questions concerning shipment details and better meet his or her needs.


Time-Consuming Accounting Processes


Another indicator of a company needing a consolidated software solution is typically found in the accounting division. If your accounting colleagues rely on invoices and reports assembled on paper, they are using many hours of valuable work time each week on data entry tasks.


Imagine how much of this time is being wasted on data input, which is a job an AS/400 ERP system can execute within a matter of seconds. The same advantage applies when considering how long it takes for staff to complete company financial reports. If it takes way too long to unite financial records made on a number of company spreadsheets and databases, an AS/400 ERP solution is a great way to save time and scarce resources. When all financial reports are combined on one platform, accounting associates won’t have to spend long hours of production time assembling and integrating data. Instead, they can use their time to enhance the accuracy of financial reporting and on other tasks to promote the well-being of your business.


The AS/400 ERP solution can energize and inspire your Magento market by maximizing the potential of all divisions, enhancing shopper fulfillment and supporting all business objectives. Get the AS/400 ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento site today.



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