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Key Advantages of Migrating to Magento 2

Key Advantages of Migrating to Magento 2
When planning to migrate your eCommerce website, you need a platform that can help your store reach its full potential. Magento 2, the updated version of Magento, provides the same level of customization and flexibility as its predecessor, as well as even more enhanced features. If you’re still on the fence about migrating to Magento 2, here are some key advantages that you don’t want to miss out on.


High Performance


With more customers treating the internet as their main shopping location, your store needs to have the capability to handle traffic and orders efficiently. Magento 2 has significantly improved site performance over its predecessor, allowing for top site performance even during high traffic times. A fast operating site encourages customer use and earns you points for search engine optimization, helping new visitors discover your store. And as your business grows, Magento 2 can efficiently scale with it.


Streamlined Admin Interface


How well you can manage your store is just as important as the customer experience. The Magento website administrator interface is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to make changes and updates as necessary. When you don’t need to struggle to update your site, it’s possible to efficiently modify your store and then get back to focusing on other business tasks that require your time and attention.


Improved Checkout Processes


Many eCommerce businesses struggle with cart abandonment, often due to the number of steps it takes to complete a purchase or a lack of shipping or payment options. Magento 2’s checkout process only involves two pages, reducing the effort to purchase a product. Additionally, there are also tools for guest checkout, multiple payment options, and dynamic shipping calculations – all enhancing your customers’ experience.


Mobile Responsiveness


Just as more customers are shopping through online forms, a large fraction of buyers are using mobile devices to look up products and complete purchases. Magento 2’s built-in capabilities and integrations allow for a responsive and seamless mobile shopping experience. Responsively designed themes, easier checkout, and integrated video can all make your store stand out in the mobile arena. And when your store can perform well on mobile, you also receive an SEO boost.


Advanced Reporting


As you make changes to your website, it’s essential to track how effective these updates are in encouraging business. Magento 2 has advanced reporting capabilities that allow you to do just that. You can expect to see key information about your customers, orders, and products all regularly updated with the newest information, as well as insights into how to enhance your store for better business.


With so many powerful features, Magento 2 can help bring your eCommerce store up to the next level. Whether you want to upgrade from Magento 1 or migrate from another platform entirely, Magento agency Forix can help you through the process. Count on us to make sure your new store maintains everything you want from your previous website, then integrate whatever new extensions and tools you want. Magento’s high level of customization enables you to build your ideal eCommerce store, and Forix can help you make that ideal a reality- just reach out. Adobe Magento has endless benefits, see for yourself by chatting with a Forix expert.

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