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Key Aspects of Magento Managed Support

Reliable and effective online stores have become paramount in today’s business world. Many consumers would rather search for items on their computers or mobile devices than go into a physical store. Because of this shift, it is vital to maintain a top-rated eCommerce website if you want to stay competitive. Magento is an eCommerce software that simplifies online shopping, strengthening your eCommerce website and providing you with helpful resources. One of the best things about Magento is the support and maintenance it offers its clients and, subsequently, their websites. Following are some of the most important aspects of Magento managed support.




Both the business world and the online environment are constantly changing. Each year things have shifted, so to remain a successful business, you must keep up with technical changes. The competition is serious; missing one small shift in commerce could seriously damage your business. No matter how experienced you are with eCommerce websites, it is extremely difficult to stay up to date on everything. Magento managed support and maintenance services can help your website.


One of the top ways Magento offers support services to businesses is by helping with digital transformation. Magento is known for being extremely flexible software that can support a business that is growing or shrinking throughout the change. Research predicts the technical side of digital commerce is going to expand significantly in the next couple years. Keeping up with all the changes is exhausting and difficult. Magento managed support and maintenance services can help your business adapt and integrate your website with all the changes as the years continue, saving you stress and effort trying to keep up with technical adjustments.


Magento managed support also assists with is technical security, which is another vital part of digital transformation. There have always been threats for online information, but recent events have made those issues even more concerning. You need to have a top service that is going to protect you from security threats. Magento support and maintenance services were designed with data control and security in mind.


Magento managed support services and flexibility also benefit global expansion. If you are dominating your region and your business is spreading quickly across the country, you are most likely considering how to take your business global. Magento can support you in determining how to expand internationally and helping you once you succeed in expanding. Magento has four pieces of advice for people trying to expand globally and ways that it can help you with each:


  1. Manage numerous eCommerce websites around the world. Magento’s services give you the ability to work with multiple websites.
  2. Cater to local customs. To succeed globally, you must be aware of local cultures. Magento is an international company, so it has an extraordinary amount of information about international cultures. Magento services have resources to learn languages, integrate in local customs, and more.
  3. Launch quickly. Timing is important in business. Magento services can help you expand quickly and adapt to changes in the market.
  4. Be flexible. As mentioned, Magento is known for its flexibility. It can help you effectively adjust to changes you need to make to your website as you are expanding.


Maintenance Support and Community Collaboration


Maintenance is one of the most basic support services offered by Magento. However, though it is simple, it is extremely important. Integrating software into a business can be difficult, and if you experience any issues it could impede the function of your company. The longer you must wait to fix a problem, the more revenue you lose.


Magento offers ongoing maintenance support to customers. If you are having a problem with the software, you can reach out to the ongoing Magento community, which consists largely of developers collaborating and sharing advice and tips about Magento. Recognizing the importance of keeping eCommerce software functioning smoothly, Magento encourages developers and agencies to share ongoing information, as well as offering their own resources.


Two of the categories for contributors are Magento Contributors and Magento Masters. Magento Contributors is a community of developers who post ongoing notes about bug fixes or how they dealt with top issues. You can also submit requests that explain your specific problem and other developers will comment with practical solutions.


Magento Masters consists of the most active contributors in the community. Magento selects and sorts them into three categories: makers, mentors, and movers. Makers are developers who frequently contribute and engage. Mentors are those who focus on educating other developers and agencies about Magento. Movers are the experts who introduce new innovations and are constantly pushing developers and agencies forward.


Magento Managed Support Resources


Along with hosting forums and other platforms for sharing information, Magento created resources for businesses that are having a hard time with the software. Magento has created lessons and courses that are ongoing and focus on aspects of Magento managed services. Some example of courses include:


  • Javascript Development in Magento 2
  • Managing Your Magento 2 Store
  • Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development
  • Magento 2 Development Essentials


There are numerous courses covering a variety of topics related to Magento services, many of which are aimed at developers and agencies. Magento also offers training for other professionals, such as marketers, designers, and more.


Along with training courses, Magento provides professionals with the option to become certified. Usually, those who pursue a certification already have experience with Magento and want to verify the experience with an official certification.


Magento managed support services also have “How To” videos. A simpler and less-involved way to explain some common confusions with the software, the videos usually center on frequently asked questions. Magento has a YouTube channel with all the “How To” videos posted so you can continue to access old videos.


Magento Resource Library


Magento has created the Resource Library to combine numerous resources into one space. It is a collection of videos, webinars, and publications providing technical information about Magento and other business information that may be relevant to clients. Some examples of webinars, publications, and videos in the Resource Library include:


  • “Magento Commerce Named a Leader in the Latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce”
  • “Evolution of the Magento Commerce Cloud”
  • “Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2 Performance Benchmark Report”
  • “Forrester Study: What It Takes to Be a Leader in B2B eCommerce”


For more information about Magento managed support services, contact Forix.



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