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Magento Commerce Awarded #1 Commerce Solution Spot Sixth Year in a Row

PR Chicago – June 6, 2018 – Magento Commerce announced it has been named the best commerce solution. The ranking comes from an annual list of Top 1000 and Top 500 online retailers ­– the Top 500 retailers account for almost 72 percent of all North American online sales. Magento Commerce’s capabilities are involved in more online sales than any other commerce solution around the world. Magento uses its cloud-based digital platform to support successful Internet brands, serving companies such as Zumiez and Rural King.


Magento Commerce’s unique flexibility allows it to use its solution for a variety of brands. It can expand with companies as they grow and develop into larger organizations. Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce, says part of Magento’s effectiveness comes from the fact that the platform helps companies adapt to the constantly shifting commerce industry. Magento’s international presence allows it to help brands expand and strengthen their digital presence in the United States and around the globe.


Magento Commerce has been a leader in the commerce industry for years and provides the cloud platform brands need to remain competitive in today’s business world. This enables Magento to help a variety of different companies achieve their objectives. It is the No. 1 provider for brands in North America, Europe, and Latin America. Magento hopes to be instrumental in the future of commerce by continuing to increase flexibility and remaining at the cutting edge of commerce solutions.


Forix has experience working with companies to improve their online presence. It helps industries such as automotive; B2B; fashion and apparel; health and beauty; manufacturing; outdoor goods; food and beverage; and more. Forix provides Magento support so brands can utilize the capabilities of Magento Commerce effectively in their businesses.


Forix worked with Dakine, an outdoor clothing and equipment store, to strengthen its eCommerce website. Forix’s Magento Managed Services team uses expert knowledge about user experience to help Dakine multiply retail revenue by six, double mobile revenue, and multiply unique product purchases by 2.9.

Forix helped Sexy Hair, a hair care and treatment company, increase web traffic and improve mobile conversions by 37%.


Magento Commerce’s six consecutive No. 1 rankings in best commerce solutions proves it is an effective platform. Forix understands the potential of award-winning Magento Commerce and knows how to use it to improve a brand’s digital presence.


Reach out to Forix’s team to hear more about how you can grow your website.

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