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Magento Developer for Sporting

Magento Developer for Sporting

The sporting retail business is one of the most difficult industries to operate a business in. Not only do sporting organizations have to stay up to date in regard to the regularly changing models of gear and equipment, they have to operate in an incredibly competitive environments, manage shifting consumer demands, and adhere to the seasonality of sporting products. To function in an industry wrought with special interests and requests, sporting retailers utilize every resource at their disposal to solidify their standing in the industry.


In order to endure in an era of accelerated technological development, more and more sporting retailers are making e-commerce cloud-based company management solutions a fundamental segment of their business plans. Though there are numerous cloud-based business solutions available in the digital age, the Magento e-commerce platform is by far the preferred e-commerce solution amongst all retailers, and the sporting industry is not exempt. Magento’s notoriety derives from its progressiveness, unmatched customization specialties, and innumerable functional tools. It completely redefines the traditional methods of business management.


Forix and Magento Success Stories


Forix is a certified Magento partner and has provided professional website design and development assistance to several different sporting goods companies, including McDavid, a premier producer of protective athletic gear and sports medicine equipment. McDavid approached Forix with the desire to incorporate brand education and improve user experience, all while maintaining a concentration on e-commerce conversion optimization.


McDavid’s primary obstacle was displaying an extensive catalog of products that could properly emphasize sports medicine technology and specific sporting functions. To enable consumers to easily browse products, the company had to display intricate information about the purpose and fit of all products in a user-friendly manner.


To tackle this problem, Forix used new icons and images to improve product descriptions and to help highlight particular item benefits. The development experts also created numerous paths for users to locate the correct product and allowed visitors to shop by specific categories including merchandise type, sport, and more.


McDavid made on site enhancements and employed social media networking tools to energize sporting enthusiasts and broaden their reach across new channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Due to these changes, McDavid saw significant results, including a 55% increase in revenue, a 64% increase in website conversion rates, and a 44% increase in transactions.


Why Contact Magento Developer Forix for Your Sporting Business?


When working to keep a successful sporting business thriving, it is important for companies to seize every type of support available to ensure lasting prosperity in the industry, including the assistance of professionals. Forix is an expert in all areas of e-commerce and Magento website design and development and can give your company the support it needs to reach new levels of success. From the very beginning of your website site up to the incorporation of advanced technical enrichments, the talented development team at Forix can help you set the stage for ongoing prosperity in the sporting industry.


Contact Magento Developer for Your Sporting Business Today


If you are on the lookout for a certified Magento developer agency for your sporting business, look no further than Forix. Reach out to the Forix development team to get your Magento platform optimized today.



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