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Magento Integration AS/400 ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

Magento AS/400 ERP integration for the Manufacturing
The AS/400 ERP solution offers businesses faced in manufacturing industries the ability to maximize their output with the optimal software to properly organize and consolidate company divisions. While there is a wide array of tools in the AS/400 ERP software solution, the primary components, along with their benefits, are as follows:


Consolidated Order Management


Company development and expansion is a great thing, but some companies find it challenging to keep up with a large increase in orders. Updating to an integrated order management system can provide a manufacturing business with the following benefits:


  • Decrease time required to complete order processing


  • Set automatic data preferences and transfer information to complete faster deliveries


  • Finish shipping processes quicker while improving stock count accuracy and promoting sales growth



Consumer Satisfaction


Customers want to know the details about the products a manufacturer offers, and with the AS/400 system, companies can give them access to enhanced product descriptions and personalized content to drive consumer purchases and dramatically improve sales margins. Assortment and categorization features within the AS/400 software allow businesses to share complete product information with consumers. These comprehensive tools can result in the following advances for manufacturing businesses:


  • Promote new productions and launch sales more quickly
  • Reduce the number returns
  • Improve customer satisfaction with access to a detailed merchandise description
  • Accumulation and certification is completed all within the single ERP system



Optimize Analytics


Bringing together all data sources into one database allows this information to be stored and distributed, so companies can have easier access to crucial information about their business and overall progress. Analytics tools can be instrumental to a business’ ability to determine what is working in a variety of locations and across several channels, enabling staff to compare and contrast variances and perform adjustments as needed. This feature can increase a manufacturing companies insight into:


  • Tracking performance vs planning
  • Annual performance and growth rates
  • Underlying achievement and health of a company as a whole


Improve Order Fulfillment


With state-of-the-art fulfillment systems, businesses can make the most of shipment logistics to cut spending and time spent on processing, completing and shipping orders. AS/400 integration system features built-in shipment tools to enhance the efficiency of delivery, improve customer service and increase profits for a manufacturing company. This feature provides the following assistance to businesses:


  • The ability to complete online and in-store orders rapidly while decreasing work expenses and are inventory waste


  • Implement “black out” dates to prevent scheduling deliveries on major holidays and other specified periods


  • Utilize the archives of order processing and shipment files to decide the optimal means of transportation for all orders.


  • Keep tabs on inventory levels within several categories without having to execute data entry several times.


Execute and complete cycle counts across multiple company locations to provide an all-inclusive report of materials and resources located within a single system, made available to all verified company personnel.


The AS/400 ERP system can provide assistance to businesses in the pursuit of meeting the complex requirements of the manufacturing industry. Get the AS/400 ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento website today.



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