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Magento Integration AS/400 ERP Overview

Magento Integration AS/400 ERP Overview
Having the correct project management tool for a business is the only way to ensure the long-term growth and success of the organization as a whole. AS/400 ERP is a business administration software suite with features including customer relationship, production planning and scheduling, business intelligence, field servicing, accounting, material control, and more, all incorporated into a single database. As a complete business solution aiding to companies in all sectors, AS/400 ERP is instrumental to the successful control of a business with the potential to bolster profits and work-flow productivity in virtually any industry. This ERP solution has an abundance of functions, including the following specialties:


Resource Administration


The resources system within the AS/400 solution maintains an accurate account of purchases, inventory, and material needs for planning purposes. This can help managers and executives establish inventory archives and files, set bin regions, generate purchase orders, and view essential structures and forms.


Quality Assurance


With the quality assurance system, employees on the shop floor can use employee login and logoff operations to review crucial information on products and other instructions related to their position


Sales Management


The AS/400 ERP solution assists with the order procedure systems for products requiring manufacturing, assembling, or specific processing methods by administering the entry of pre-set and otherwise configured part numbers to be used in order entry. This dynamic system supports the detailed descriptions and documentation of each item as the order goes through the fulfillment process.



Business Intelligence


The AS/400 ERP solution offers a business added intelligence with its capacity to collect data and craft reports based on a range of data sources and applications. This tool also provides full access to an abundance of business intelligence applications. Being built within the AS/400 system itself, these options include database analytics and personalized reporting, as well as other integrations.





The customer management system makes routine tasks automatic, allowing for the growth of customer satisfaction and giving a sales team the capacity to collaborate to decrease sale cycles and improve profit margins.


Financials and Accounting


The AS/400 financials and accounting tools cover an array of financial reporting and data collection including customer invoices, order analysis, work cost, suppliers and vendor payments, general ledger, job accounting, accounts receivable and payable, order examination and analysis.


Shop Floor Control


Shop floor functions cover labor stock transactions, planning of workflow production, work order direction, shipments, and invoice establishment. With the AS/4000 system, staff on the floor can abide by operation hints within the system to scan barcoded information and create various transactions. The scheduling tools give managers the ability to create calendars of operational actions with a set start and finish time. Scheduling management devices also block off the time scheduled for an operation and reserve the necessary workstation for the completion of the task. In addition, this comprehensive shop direction tool allows companies to discern when items are ready to be shipped to customers or suppliers to accelerate the shipment and delivery processes.


The AS/400 ERP solution gives a business the flexibility to consolidate their data systems and enhance the access of all departments. Get the AS/400 ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento site today.



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