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Magento Integration Celerant ERP for the Retail Apparel Industry

Magento Celerant ERP integration for Retail Apparel
The state-of-the-art features of the Celerant ERP solution can provide an apparel enterprise with the operations they need in an intuitive, customer-friendly, sale and retail platforms. The vendor administration gives apparel retailers the ability to organize and assemble stock from their vendors. With the use of these consolidation features, apparel businesses can synchronize closely with vendor catalogs, view vendors live, automate item purchases, and more to enhance the variety of their products and facilitate faster order processing for customers. Celerant ERP’s vendor management system can give apparel retailers the ability to optimize the item selection and stock levels of merchandise available both in their stores and online.


Explanation of Prime Functions:


Vendor Catalog Consolidation


This feature allows apparel companies to source items by scanning and selecting items they need and importing them into the Celerant database system. By importing products, as well as their descriptions and images, Celerant ERP’s catalog consolidation relieves apparel retailers of the need to manually enter information thus reducing the chance of errors. This tool also offers automatic updates at customized times to assure the latest items are shipped to a store at the optimal time.



Automatic Purchase Orders


With the automatic reordering process for items in high demand, apparel stores can assure their inventory remains stocked with the items customers want. This tool also allows businesses to forecast and predict upcoming stock needs based on high sellers, promotions, seasonal apparel, and the latest trends.



Drop Shipping


Celerant ERP gives apparel enterprises the chance to sell their vendor’s stock on their own website and to permit their vendors to complete customer orders from their warehouse, making the delivery process faster and more convenient for all involved. The drop shipping feature also allows consolidation with Amazon to sell items on their website while Amazon handles the shipping and delivery.



EDI with Vendors


The Celerant ERP interface allows apparel companies to interact with their vendors through electronic database integration (EDI).



Real-time Vendor Feeds
With the Celerant ERP database, apparel enterprises can have access to their vendor’s entire product line and incorporate products to their website automatically. Online vendor feeds allow the most up-to-date information regarding the inventory of vendors and suppliers to be reflected on your own e-commerce website, so customers can make their apparel purchases, which the vendor will then ship.



Vendor Direction


The Celerant ERP solution makes reporting tools available to apparel enterprises, so they can access important information about their business’ functions. Vendor scorecards and user-friendly data make it easy for businesses to keep tabs on any issues and detect trends to maximize the efficiency of their supply management. This tool also gives companies the chance to create vendor profiles and oversee the performance record and level of all their vendors to ensure quality for their customers.


The comprehensive Celerant ERP database system can help apparel retail companies as they endeavor to manage their stock level to provide the best merchandise for their customers. Get Celerant ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento retail apparel site today.



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