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Magento Integration Celerant ERP Overview

Magento Integration Celerant ERP Overview
Celerant ERP is an omnichannel software that consolidates e-commerce, CRM, purchasing and receiving, inventory and warehouse administration, and company files and data in one system. In addition to the coordination and synchronization of all systems, this ERP solution provides real-time visibility, allowing a business to handle fulfillment, in-store, online, and mobile markets, e-commerce, and more with an increased flexibility and centralization. Incorporated in this ERP solution are the following vital features.



Point of Sale


Celerant’s point of sale system enables a business to sustain a high level of functional awareness while positioned in-store. The Celerant ERP solution offers a wide array of features for a POS/register, including:


  • EMV / Chip card access
  • Specialized order requests
  • Smart wallet
  • Private credit Cards
  • Mobilized POS
  • Capture pads
  • Store credit cards
  • Receipts
  • Rentals
  • Check authorization
  • Inter-store exchanges and transfers
  • Suggested items
  • Price checks
  • Gift registries



Inventory Management


With Celerant’s inventory management solutions, businesses can keep tabs on multiple inventories without having to manually enter data changes. Real-time visibility of sales reports allows items to be transferred between stores efficiently. Planning and open-to-buy tools help to assimilate data, establish concrete forecasts for inventory needs based on trends. The following are some functional abilities of Celerant ERP inventory management.



Mobile Inventory


Control and handle inventory any place, any time, with the use of Celerant’s mobile inventory features, which allow businesses to search inventory from their mobile devices or tablets.



Category Management


Celerant’s ERP solution supports category administration, making it simple for businesses to receive real-time information about products, departments, and category performance levels.



Forecast and Planning


With access to information regarding stock levels and item life duration, as well as trends, promotions, and many other helpful analytics, businesses can better consider the demand for certain merchandise to make plans for future orders and inventory quantity.



Accounting ERP


Celerant ERP’s have thorough financial administration features to help consolidate all operations with the use of accounting and HR tools, enabling leaders to take all channels into account when making decisions. Specified components of Celerant’s accounting system are:



Accounting and Financial Data


This feature allows businesses to consolidate their POS platform with an accounting system, providing access to data in real-time. Important information regarding cash flow, credit limitations, taxes, bank data, interest rates, general ledger, sales reports can be uploaded immediately to ensure the accuracy of information across all platforms.



Allocation of Resources
With real-time access to all information and data, a business can optimize their return on investment and make better judgements concerning hiring, inventory levels and ordering to allocate resources appropriately.



Order Fulfillment Administration


Celerant ERP features a fulfillment design to handle orders from time of purchase until they are delivered. Utilizing Celerant’s fulfillment tools, businesses can decrease time and expenses attributable to processing and delivering product orders to maximize profitability across the board. Access to real-time information allows companies to enhance customer service and shipment certainty.


Celerant’s ERP solution makes it easy for businesses to integrate their departments, making it an optimal solution to incorporate in your Magento website. Get Celerant’s ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento site today.




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