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Magento Integration Epicor ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

Magento Epicor ERP integration for Manufacturing
As manufacturing companies and suppliers are faced with increasing pressure for the fulfillment of merchandise plans and demands for improved customer assistance, the Epicor ERP system, a proficient supply chain execution system, is an asset in handling and systematizing manufacturing warehouse and fulfillment processes and services. With state-of-the-art tools built-in, modern manufacturers can simplify their business processes and remove all obstacles to their development and achievement, all the while remaining alert and adaptable for market shifts and accelerating consumer needs.


The Epicor ERP solution can help a manufacturing business in the following ways:


  • Implement the tracking, mapping, and monitoring of all areas of a company and all phases of the production process from the shop level and resource allocation, all the way to the finished product.
  • Bolster performance by accessing information in real time, enhancing the visibility of both plant and business functions.
  • Reduce expenses and consolidate various processes while simultaneously allowing for revenue growth.
  • Maximize lean manufacturing abilities to center on the fundamental preferences and make smarter business decisions, reducing waste, and improving consumer satisfaction levels.
  • Easily adjust and accommodate to novel manufacturing practices, varying consumer demands, and changing market tactics.
  • Decrease time to market with mixed merchandise lifecycle regulation and administration.
  • Manage complicated reports such as comprehensive client, supplier, and producer member totals and number cross-reference.
  • Improve the work and data movement with access to real-time information in the production data streamlined across multiple operations and domains within a manufacturing company.
  • Improve product and supply chain speed to keep up with the pace of international competition.
  • Control and maintain inventory by specific lot or serial digit inventory variations with combined predictions, resource demand preparation and outlining, and output scheduling capabilities.
  • Direct and handle an international expansion to processes with extensive multi-site capacities.



Warehouse Management System


The Epicor warehouse management system offers combined operational functions, including supply, product chain administration, and instrumental tools to enhance the operations of a warehouse. Made specifically to satisfy the needs of fulfillment services and traditional forms of warehouse administration, Epicor ERP warehouse management offers companies total direction, supervision, and visibility of all organizational logistics and operations.


The Epicor ERP features warehouse management software highlights an array of total warehouse management methods and benefits including the following:


  • Complete warehouse administration, record, and inventory management including detailed packaging descriptions, assignments and load control with the use of an interactive command of actions and information available in real time.
  • Omni-Channel ordering with automatic EDI and merchandise arrangement.
  • Improve the consumer experience with information focused on adhering to consumer demands with data accuracy permitting a company to access precise information regarding inventory, customer service, and merchandise performance.
  • The decrease of annual auditing expenses with automatic directing and routine inventory counting processes.
  • The capacity to connect warehouse functions with order and item processing to maximize a business’s shipment, selection, packaging, and receiving procedures


The Epicor ERP system can connect all regions of a business’ workflow, placing an organization on the optimal route to assuring increased productivity and improvements in customer satisfaction. Get Epicor ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento site today.




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