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Magento Integration Epicor ERP Overview

Magento Integration Epicor ERP Overview
Epicor ERP is a resource planning system that supports companies in handling their business procedures by binding all areas together under a singular database system. With un-consolidated departments working with their own database systems, the communication between divisions suffers, causing confusion damages productivity. To remedy this, Epicor ERP’s database and interface platforms joins staff members with the necessary information required to provide assistance to consumers, follow through with key processes, and complete projects in a more efficient and timely manner. Epicor ERP software includes the following fundamental tools for:


Financial Handling


An Epicor ERP solution’s accounting system can maintain the financial visibility of a company, regardless of the business size. But, as time goes on, thriving companies will expand and will be obligated to handle the affairs of several brands and businesses. An Epicor solution makes handling diverse and global businesses with many levels simple, by offering a comprehensive and fully integrated operating system, improved financial concentration and inter-company transactional exchanges, and processes to support financial management.


Epicor financial administration automates and consolidates your business’ financial methods with devices, directs to assist intricate legislative conditions, and builds value with timely supervising of financial assets with the following features:


  • Statements receivable, credit and collection administration
  • Statements due, electronic funds transfer, automated order matching
  • Cash supervision, bank settlement, and report interfaces.
  • Receipt, payroll, set asset, and tax administration.
  • Financial scheduling, budgeting, and up-to-date predictions


Manufacturing Production


Designed with the use of a service-based structure, Epicor ERP production administrative solution can facilitate consecutive production drives, mobile operators, real-time communications, community collaborations, and enhance intuitive business and marketing knowledge throughout various departments and locations of your business.


Epicor production and composition control software is easy-to-use and provides enhanced management abilities to meet the demands of multi-code businesses.


No matter whether you’re trying to fulfill an order, report an order, or orchestrate an order, this production management software supports the complete consolidation of wide-scale processes including chain administration, supply chain performance, and distribution actions, which are all addressed on one singular system. Manufacturing system software includes order direction and control software, material and resource planning software, and chief data administration software in order to accommodate a variety of businesses production needs.


Epicor ERP solution software is expanded with the incorporation of high-level quality administration and merchandise life-cycle management, which can help maintain field standards, improve average product quality, lessen item attribute issues, and improve cost direction, while meeting imperative standards for manufacturing processes.


Warehouse Administration and Warehouse Software


Epicor’s warehouse management method (WMS) fuses both consolidated warehouse management operations and supply chain management, allowing for improved levels of control, efficient direction and the total visibility of logistics and operational processes. The warehouse administration software contains a complete warehouse administration platform including:


  • Inclusive warehouse administration, inventory command, aggregate keys, task and capacity supervision, real-time updates and management of actions and usage.
  • Multi-channel order management processing containing computerized EDI, and product arrangement.
  • Systemized in and outbound serial number tracing, select planning, merged preferences, and management pack-out options.


The integrated Epicor ERP solution neatly clarifies and condenses vital business departments, making it an optimal integration for your Magento store. Get the Epicor ERP integration solution realized on your Magento Site today.



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