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Magento Integration NetSuite ERP for the Advertising and Digital Marketing Industry

Magent NetSuite ERP integration for Advertising and Digital Marketing
The NetSuite ERP solution is a fully consolidated management system, excellent for advertising agencies of all kinds. With this integrated software, advertising and digital marketing agencies can easily connect all data sources and expand their operational performance, all with the goal of heightening their growth and improving overall profits. With the NetSuite ERP integration realized in your Magento store, a new world of possibilities will surface for you and your agency.


As a one system operation capable of directing advertising and marketing functions in an agency, NetSuite facilitates the streamlining of project administration, resource accumulation, and additional major advertising methods with the use of an end-to-end cloud solution. The attachment between professional services, automation, customer relationship management systems, and accounting and financials makes it easier for an agency to provide end-to-end services and increasing efficiency and productivity rates.


NetSuite’s cloud solutions can enhance an agency’s research division without having the project or financial management department limit the creative progress of the advertising and digital marketing areas. By automating agency work-flow and making crucial data and insights easily accessible, the creative staff of an agency can spend more time working on client projects and pitches rather than attempting to access various sources of information manually.


Among the many features of the NetSuite ERP software, the following are some of the vital components:


Pitches, Sales and Forecasting


  • Using the consumer acquisition cost estimator to receive an estimate of customer acquisition costs gives an agency the chance to obtain more clients while using less resources.


  • The NetSuite ERP system provides agencies with the ability to view business growth and development actions and changes.


  • With more information on customers likes and dislikes, account managers at an agency can have better relationships with agency clients.


  • Maximize the potential for profit by using profit optimizing tools to match wins to projects and programs, letting an agency know where exactly to allocate resources for optimal ROI.



Marketing Campaign Planning


  • With NetSuite, teams can create collaborative campaigns with confirmed productivity and workflow.


  • Upgrade order management with direct order exchange work flow and invoices.


  • Document and report the insertion order reconciliation administration for production and financing purposes.



Resource Management:


  • Direct traffic by handling resource productivity flow and proper allocations to maximize financial plans and plans with freelancers.


  • Optimize skill sets by customizing experience searching in automatic inventory administration and resource skill set.


  • Make better predictions to anticipate the demands on skills and resources for and against projects to schedule hiring around visibility in portfolio skill requirements.





  • Improve the ability to plan and schedule precisely with collaboration tools to execute projects in the most timely fashion.


  • Determine the costs of serving customers by tracing the detailed metrics of a specific project from planning to payments.


  • Cycling intervals can be reduced with efficient access to data and enhanced levels of communication


  • Cash flow can be improved with more precise and faster invoices and payrolls



The NetSuite ERP solution can systematically transform your advertising or digital marketing agency by consolidating and empowering all divisions of productivity, putting your agency on the right path toward substantial improvements in customer satisfaction and work flow operations. Get NetSuite ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento site today.



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