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Magento Integration Sage ERP for the Gift Shop Industry

Magento Sage ERP integration for Gift Shops
Gift stores require specific retail administration software to meet the needs of their unique merchandise and customer expectations. The Celerant ERP system was invented with a focus on flexibility, making it an excellent tool for an organization faced with the demands of the gift store retail industry. From building and selling seasonal items, specialized gift baskets, and offering promotions, using Celerant ERP software can make the daily functions of a store operating as a part of the specialty gifts industry go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Highlighted Features for Gift Shops:


A Celerant ERP system makes it easy for a store in the gift shop industry to:


  • Consolidate the shopping club entry by swiftly scanning reward cards
  • Supervise sales information from all areas and locations
  • Insert consumer information at the point of sale screen
  • Develop customer support and consistent business with the establishment of loyalty programs
  • Establish targeted sales and promotions to boost transactions
  • Maintain customer and sales information in a single database and have a real-time access to all data
  • Sell materials that contain several different items like gift baskets and gift kits of numerous types
  • Simple and swift item and order look-up
  • Copy and print gift custom card messages, notes, and covers
  • Individual mail and telephone order record options
  • Export the equivalent gift choice to various receivers
  • Completely unified and traced gift cards and certificates



Unified Retail CRM


The information in Celerant ERP’s customer management system and POS software are consolidated, so gift shop retailers can use one database to easily follow and access all consumer and sales information from all sources in real-time. With this information, businesses can predict the upcoming demands of their customers, and ensure they return to their stores with the use of personal data to make targeted sales and promotions to meet each consumer’s specific retail needs and desires. Specific details about the major components of this integrated feature include:



Campaign Administration


A Celerant ERP solution facilitates more efficient sales administration, which enhances consumer preservation and happiness. This system connects all CRM and sales information acquired from shopping made across all channels to craft target email advertising campaigns and create personalized promotional sales in consideration of a consumer’s buying history, habits, and demographics.



Supported Sales


With Celerant’s advanced CRM system, gift shop enterprises can have access to important CRM data, customer analytics, and shopping habits across all locations and channels. Utilizing comprehensive sales history and customer information, sales associates and employees can better help customers and provide a personalized element to their overall purchasing experience.


Celerant ERP’s tools enable gift shop retailers to use CRM data to establish, handle, and target promotions for customers depending on their past purchases, biggest consumers, and customers with remaining promotional balances or unpurchased items in their carts to get them engaged once again.


The Celerant ERP system can be an asset to retail stores in the gift store industry as they aim to maximize sales while creating a personalized shopping experience for their customers. Get the Celerant ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento gift shop site today.



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