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Magento Integration SYSPRO ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

Magento SYSPRO ERP integration for Manufacturing
The SYSPRO ERP management system can help a manufacturing company produce, manage costs, and expand overall earnings by administering the capacity to handle every phase of their operations, facilitating their capacity to meet delivery and quality requirements. With the intention of assuring quality while reducing the chance of losses, the SYSPRO ERP platform is a promising solution for manufacturing enterprises everywhere. Key tools of this system’s manufacturing functions include:


Customer Relationship Management


The strong CRM abilities within the SYSPRO ERP software help to promote and solidify customer relationships across the board. This solution delivers a comprehensive view of information throughout various areas of a manufacturing business, including sales order completion, replenishment, and support.




  • Produces strong CRM aptitudes, including marketing, customer support and service tools and automation.
  • Increases performance by strong sales performance, product, and associated administration measurements



Order Management


With the SYSPRO ERP system, companies can acquire the information they need to use their stock more effectively while decreasing shipping expenses and enhancing the experience of consumers. With customer demands growing, it is imperative for manufacturing companies to strive to execute the ideal order. SYSPRO ERP contains an order management feature enabling a business to completely automate order fulfillment based on inventory stock and company regulations, which helps ensure a customer is fully satisfied with their delivery.




  • Handle all inquiries and arrangements with a streamlined system and combined order-to-payment procedures.
  • Optimize production flow for support circuits, price setting, and discounts
  • Maximize fulfillment procedures to satisfy consumer needs and build stock returns all the while conserving security inventory levels.
  • Permits complete command over the fulfillment methods of a company
  • Respond rapidly and efficiently when the market and the company go through variations




Planning Processes


Planning can be one of the most complicated tasks of a manufacturing business. But with SYSPRO’s ERP solution, production planning scheduling is simplified with the utilization of key features that allow businesses to get the outcomes they want. The scheduling feature built into the SYSPRO ERP system can help managers and staff create practical plans with little effort.




  • Real-time planning generator with flexibility
  • Adjustable planning and scheduling code to facilitate superior levels of sequencing
  • Unlimited ability to plan with custom, user-established restrictions.
  • Various visual depictions of the plans and schedules
  • Drag and drop designated actions and services



Quality Administration


To generate a high-quality product, manufacturing company employees must collaborate as a unified body to achieve the optimal outcome for the business. With the assistance of an SYSPRO ERP solution, manufacturing organizations can set inspection plans, implement passing and failure scales, and oversee all processes of inspection in real time to produce only the highest quality products for consumers




  • Advanced levels of merchandise quality
  • Mark and control stock inspection methods.
  • Collect inspection results in real-time with unified reporting procedures
  • Balance permit and miss standards.
  • Minimized expenses for establishing high-quality products



The SYSPRO ERP system can benefit companies in the manufacturing industry as they strive to meet the demands of a constantly maturing market. Get the SYSPRO ERP integration solution realized on your Magento website today.



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