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Magento Integration SYSPRO ERP for the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Magento SYSPRO ERP integration for Wholesale Distribution
The SYSPRO ERP management system can revolutionize the way a wholesale distribution business operates within the warehouse, sourcing, fulfillment, and order engagement areas. It can create more efficient and organized wholesale distribution services to help the company meet their goals and achieve long-term success. The important elements of this system’s wholesale distribution tools include:


Warehouse Management Tools


With consolidated tracking and full management of direction permit companies to measure inventory shifts and track items among multiple warehouses, companies can then decrease the potential for stock cost burdens and shift their inventory faster.




  • Tracing all turns of stock
  • Decrease stock outs
  • Decrease inventory expenses.
  • Examine and interpret data scales to heighten overall performance
  • Trace lot quantities and serially monitored products.
  • Maintain a completely wireless warehouse arrangement.
  • Adhere to strict regulatory provisions
  • Diminish the resources used with fulfillment procedures



Fulfillment Enhancements


SYSPRO ERP’s fulfillment tools give businesses complete control over shipping costs to decrease interval times and transportation expenses while improving delivery speeds. With the capacity to analyze accumulated data regarding the picking, packing, and shipping methods, businesses can make the optimal decisions for their company.




  • Decrease quantity of picks
  • Increase performance with district and flow preference.
  • Prioritize preference with transport pick up points
  • Effectively execute altered orders.
  • Manage packing data, reminders, recalls, exchanges, and customer-particular labeling methods.
  • Reduce shipping costs and time.
  • Handle a broad set of transportation choices.



Order Management and Organization


With the ability to take orders through multi-channels, including online sources, phone, and EDI, the SYSPRO ERP system can allow a wholesale distribution company to receive more business while speeding up the rate of conversion from order to cash. This feature extends a business’ ordering systems to the omnichannel sphere and utilizes built-in streams to decrease errors and accelerate conversion rates and order-to-cash methods.



  • Get orders through websites, direct or partner sales, point of sale systems and more
  • Portion reports accounting for achievement depending on order channel
  • Achieve real-time visibility and insight into knowledge across all channels, reservations, consumers, and inventories
  • Covert estimates to order arrangements, order arrangements to fulfillment, invoicing to installments with the use of automatic built-in conversion methods
  • Increase the accuracy of estimates, reduce billing mistakes,



Sales Management for Wholesale Distribution Centers


By improving handling of new leads and contacts, an SYSPRO ERP solution can assist a wholesale distribution company expand their sales with sales management tools. This solution can make it possible for a company to offer flexibility in pricing and acquire more loyal consumers in the process.




  • Optimize the potential of an existing sales organization.
  • Control visibility within the various operations of company divisions.
  • Examine and filter production information in real time.
  • Produce flexible pricing designs.
  • Easily adjust prices as changes occur
  • Offer promotions and track results.
  • Divide pricing systems in accordance with quality and discounts, consumer specifics, and other pricing customization options


The SYSPRO ERP solution can enhance the profits of companies in the wholesale distribution industry as they work to satisfy their consumers and heighten their production levels overall. Get the SYSPRO ERP integration solution actualized on your Magento website today.



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