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Magento Managed Services for Outdoor E-Commerce

Magento managed services and outdoor ecommerce
Technology has become an asset to outdoor retail businesses who strive to cultivate a successful online store. As a result, more and more outdoor retail companies are depending on technologically advanced cloud-based business management systems as a vital component of their plan to ensure customer satisfaction and increase the profitability of their online stores.


Magento is one of the most comprehensive and customizable cloud-based eCommerce solutions available to merchants today. The platform refines the traditional means of business management by providing robust tools that allow e-commerce merchants to create a completely unified growth program. The Magento platform is dynamic enough to be adjusted as the market changes and sales demand shift. Equipped with an abundance of high-quality integrations and specialized features, the Magento software has the unique ability to improve the sales margins, and provide a revenue increase for outdoor retail businesses of all sizes.


What Are the Benefits of Magento Managed Services for Outdoor Retailers?


The Magento platform is a highly versatile business conversion strategy that provides a host of advantages ideal for the use of outdoor eCommerce retailers, such as:


Cloud-Based Support


As a cloud-based solution with 99.99 percent uptime, Magento delivers consistent reliability, a revenue increase, and top-level performance


  • Handling your business transactions is easier than ever with PCI certified cloud support.


  • Use PaaS systems and foundational assistance tools to accelerate your time to market.


  • Integrate a range of cloud devices to support many users.


Highly Customizable, Responsive Themes and Templates


Effortlessly tailor Magento’s responsive design template or the Luma store template to advance your time to market.


Customize a unique foundation template to establish tailored website alterations for different brands, marketing initiatives, and geographical locations


Magento Managed Services From Forix


The top Magento B2B website development agency Forix has become a source of high-level web services for outdoor retailers in the eCommerce sector. With Magento Ongoing Support and Magento technical support from Forix, numerous outdoor retailers have improved the profitability and solidified their status as a leader in the industry. One of the most telling examples of eCommerce success with Magento Managed services with Top Magento Developer Forix is the outdoor store Next Adventure.


The company provides its customers with first-rate outdoor gear and products at competitive rates. Prior to investing in Magento Managed Services, Next Adventure was operating with inadequate fulfillment processes, which negatively impacted its capacity to boost its e-commerce profitability.


With the support of Magento Managed Services from Top Magento Agency Forix, the company upgraded their entire system to a new online shop including an integrated ERP, point of sale, and shipping processes to grant Next Adventure the capacity to scale its online market and set the foundation for ongoing e-commerce prosperity.


The Top Magento Developer Forix also established an enhanced shopping experience for New Adventure’s customers by incorporating a look-book that reflects the company passion for outdoors through its uniquely organized website design. After these alterations were implemented, the company experienced great results: a 42 percent growth in standard order value, the incorporation of 25 robust integrations, and a 22 percent decrease in website bounce rate. Implement Adobe Commerce Cloud on your eCommerce website with the help of Forix.

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