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Magento Managed Services for the Automotive Industry


While car buyers need a variety of information about a vehicle before buying, they also require an uncomplicated shopping experience as they search for the ideal vehicles to suit their needs. Considering the fact that these two desires tend to oppose one another, numerous automotive companies face the difficult task of attempting to present as much vehicle information as possible while providing consumers with a simple, easy-to-navigate buying experience. Thankfully, the support of Magento e-commerce business management solution can easily tackle this industrywide hurdle for your automotive business.


Magento is a cloud-based business management solution that gives automotive companies the means to design custom product information management modules. With the help of Magento’s expansive toolkit, product experts can recognize, store, and separate data combinations to configure a clear route for customers to access the items they are seeking. Utilizing fully customizable processing tools, you can fuse product attribute data with FIT mapping operations consisting of a specific model, year, and make of automobile to display configured packets and distinct merchandise collections. Automotive businesses can then assign modules with chosen variable combinations to allow buyers to reach their perfect products by picking options depending on their needs.


Advantages of Magento for Automotive Businesses


Magento gives automotive businesses a full set of tools with the capacity to address all the automotive industry’s specific market requirements. With assistance from Forix, your automotive organization can:


  • Offer responsive website design for all channels to supply customers with the capacity to use their phones or tablets to locate replacement car parts and accessories while using their vehicles as reference for determining product comparability.
  • Consolidate multiple databases to explain the correlation between cars and parts.
  • Clarify site operations for difficult products with smooth exploration navigation and customizable packages with particular product properties.
  • Highlight Fit My Car modules to guide consumers through a full kit of decisions to choose their favored makes, models, and years, and locate the most fitting products.
  • Highlight the newest car estimates and updates from myriad partnering suppliers, car sellers, and producers.


Magento Managed Services With Forix


The most meaningful resource you can ask for is a team of Magento experts committed to doing whatever they can to promote your business achievement. With the aid of Magento managed services with certified Magento Enterprise partner Forix, you can tap into the previously unexplored abilities of your e-commerce platform to get the most out of your online enterprise. The Forix specialists can equip you with assistance for all steps of Magento website development, including:




  • Support for Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations.
  • CMS migrations.


Security Patches and Updates


  • System defense.
  • Risk management.


Performance Optimization


  • High-traffic event preparation.
  • Website speed and loading duration.
  • Caching.


Acquire Magento Managed Services for Your Automotive Business Today


Magento with managed support from Forix can cultivate the preliminaries to secure widespread improvement and advanced prosperity for your business. Forix can manage all segments of Magento websites, from installation to performance enrichment. Reach out to the professionals at Forix to gain access to the support necessary to ensure the achievement of your automotive business.



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