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Magento Managed Services Wholesale

Magento Managed Services Wholesale


In the digital age, remaining up-to-date with the most recent technology is essential for all businesses in the e-commerce sector, including the wholesale e-commerce industry. This need is precisely why countless wholesale companies who have invested in e-commerce stores are looking to capitalize on the complete span of possibilities available for their online sales.


One of the most popular e-commerce solutions for wholesale enterprises is the Magento cloud-based solution. Magento offers ample opportunities for customization and expansion, and the platform makes it easy for wholesale businesses to set the stage for ongoing success in the industry’s online markets. Wholesale companies know they can depend on Magento’s cloud-hosting system to keep their businesses up and running throughout the busiest sales periods.


Magento provides users with unparalleled customization options and control over their websites’ contents and design.  This has made the Magento business management solution the leading e-commerce platform for wholesale companies across the globe.


What Are the Perks of Magento for Wholesale Companies?


Magento is an incredibly flexible business management solution with an extensive assortment of robust features built into its platform. Magento provides countless amenities for wholesale businesses with e-commerce shops, such as:


  • Offer advanced search abilities


  • Scalable searching allows your consumers to find exactly what they are looking for at an accelerated pace.


  • Optimal bulk ordering processes


  • Working with simplified ordering tables and ordering methods, wholesale businesses can make big orders much faster, which gives them more time to spend on more important business projects.


  • Set account limits


  • Keeping track of your financial accounts does not have to be a hassle. With Magento, you can easily set limits for all of your business accounts, so you can rest assured knowing there is no risk of maxing out your business credit.


  • Dynamic pricing


  • Supply flexible pricing systems to adjust depending on buyer specifics like order volume, delivery method, location, and more.


Why Get Magento Managed Services for Your Wholesale Business?


When striving to run a prosperous e-commerce website and ensure lasting success for your business, it is imperative to seize all the support available to sustain customers and secure prominence in the wholesale sector.


Forix is a certified Magento partner that can give you the specialized guidance to help your company reach new heights. The highly skilled website development team at Forix can supply you with detailed website construction and optimization plan and ongoing support, which covers all of the following areas of site design and development:

Research and Analysis


  • Analytic reporting
  • User experience auditing
  • Website usage research
  • User profiles
  • Industry trends


Crafting Intuitive Experiences


  • Consumer research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website and conversion mapping
  • Intuitive navigation


Creating Entertaining Digital Experiences


  • Employing interactive designs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Mobile-first features
  • Responsive designs
  • Engaging content


Technological Enrichment


  • Clear goals
  • Regular communication
  • Leading extensions
  • Technical programming
  • Top of the line technology
  • Magento verified development partners


Proven Processes


  • Detailed phase checklist
  • Environment reports
  • Quality-assurance testing
  • Device testing
  • Website launch preparation and support
  • Individualized platform training


Ongoing Professional Assistance


  • Website performance check-ups
  • Analytics
  • A/B and usability inspections and analysis
  • Platform aid
  • Improvement updates


Get Magento Managed Services for Your Wholesale Business Today


If your company needs the best Magento agency to provide Magento managed services, reach out to the experts at Forix to maximize the possibilities of your e-commerce wholesale store.



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